Song Zhongji was regarded as modest emperor of Seoul, said for the Song Hye Kyo prize-mmhouse

Song Joong Ki by Seoul as the emperor said: Song Hye Kyo prize for modest Song Joong Ki to flat shape red carpet Shin Min A wearing a pink dress elegant appearance of information times, the eleventh session of the Seoul International Television Festival Awards in Seoul yesterday, popular drama "the sun" won the drama department of the descendants of the best award, best drama theme song award, best actor award 3 awards, becoming the biggest winner tonight. Because busy with the new film "warships island" shooting, for a while did not attend the opening ceremony of South Korea’s rare Song Zhongji appeared to accept the award, he took to the podium in the court repeatedly mentioned Joe sister, fans to send a full range of sugar. ChaeKi like Joe sister "is the best partner Song Joong Ki yesterday with flat shape with black suit handsome to walk the red carpet, but because it was busy shooting, his face slightly gaunt, but still did not forget to put the flash, revealed during the shooting of Song Hye Kyo not only brought the coffee cart for his assistance, and sent the snack cart, let him call" she is really the best partner!" Song Zhongji won the best actor award that night, he took the podium, said: "a long time did not go out! I really appreciate this award." And again to the crew, fans express gratitude, he does not care about that at the moment thought of the people who were with him to play Song Hye Kyo, modestly said: "I think I am today instead of her award!" Shin Min A carefully after "any attachment" [micro-blog] Jin Yubin’s girlfriend Shin Min A red carpet is another high-profile guests, she was wearing a pink dress debut, showing elegant temperament, bold host asked her: "there is no see (starring Jin Yubin)" arbitrary "attachment?" Sudden questions make her a little nervous, shy replied: I have very serious in the chase drama." That night she in "my Venus" won the Drama Award for best actress in the play, she is a female lawyer from interpretation angle, do special makeup, long time to shoot down very hard, but she said: "fat like get a lot of the audience, it became my strength." When I was asked who I thought of at the moment, she thought and said, "my Venus"." The audience signaled to her that her boyfriend, Jin Yubin, had taken her with a shy smile. It is reported that the Seoul TV Festival has shortlisted 265 works by Eom Hongsig, the [micro-blog] starred in the drama "six days" won the "Fei Long TV series the best drama prize award, obtained by the British" the night manager ". Dongdong相关的主题文章: