Some Places Buy Old Cell

.puters-and-Technology Sometimes you swear you are jinxed. The kinds of things that happen to my cell phones are not covered in general warranty contracts. My cell phones live very brief lives. They are doomed the minute I select them as my own. In the past I have had a phone that malfunctioned due to heat on the beach, I’ve had someone spill a drink on it at a concert while I was taking a picture, I’ve had it glitch because of static electricity, and I’ve even had someone toss me in a pool fully clothed with my phone in my pocket. Like I said, it’s a curse. I’ve even been labeled snake-bit by my friends. By trading in my old cell phones I know now that I don’t need to worry about my next purchase. There is a cure for this problem… well, it’s a sort of cure. Instead of having to break contract and upgrade before my eligibility, I’ve learned that it makes more sense to sell used cell phones for cash. I can still pick my new phone and love it until its uncanny and unfortunate demise but at least now I’m not devastated by the amount of cash I must cough up. Even when you sell a broken phone you can get money for old cell phones or store credit to use in the location you sold it. That’s how I ended up when I wanted to sell my Blackberry. The keypad was locked by a code and, of course, the actual keys were non-responsive so I couldn’t type in my code and unlock it. With a trade in service you don’t need to worry about a thing. You can get another Blackberry, iPhone, or whatever model phone they have available and both parties feel like they got something out of the deal. You leave happy and hooked up with a cell phone of choice. What’s better than getting cash for old cell phones? Usually you get nothing for them and you’re just expected to be okay with that. Really, for all the money it took to buy the phone there isn’t a reason you shouldn’t get something in return for giving it to someone else. It’s time to take control of your cell phone buying habits and make a smart choice. It will save money, it will save you a migraine, and it gives you yet another reason to be happy with a decision you made. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: