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Food-and-Drink Wedding is a big event in a couples life and this is the sole reason why every couple in the world wants their special day to be the best. Apart from the venue, the dresses, flower arrangements, the ceremonies, the invitations, an important aspect in every wedding is the food. This is because your guests may not remember each and everything about the occasion, but they surely will remember the wedding spread if it is lavish. This is the reason why finger food catering service is opted by various wedding couples. Here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding the same: How to find a caterer? You will be able to find the best caterers by asking your friends or relatives for reference. Alternately, you can ask various wedding planners to give you the contact number of the best wedding caterers in town. Will it meet my budget? I am sure that out of numerous caterers, you will find the one that meets your budget requirements. All you need to do is keep searching till you find the one that give you an affordable package. What do they specialize in? Various caterers specialize in different types of food. For instance, some may specialize in spit roast catering while the others will specialize in finger food catering services. It is up to you and your partner to finalize what sort of spread do you want for your wedding and then take the decision. Do they have license? This is a very important question, which you must ask your wedding caterer. Not only should they have a valid license, but also a certification from various health departments along with a liability license. Until and unless the wedding catering service provider has these, you shouldnt sign them up for the wedding. What are the discounts that I can avail: Many caterers, who serve large wedding parties, do provide discounts. So, do ask your caterer what are the discounts or other offers that you avail. Are there any extra charges? Beware of unscrupulous caterers, who include hidden costs in the bill and fleece the wedding couple. You can avoid this situation by asking your caterers right at the beginning to give you an itemized bill. What about extra stuff? Certain caterers provide packages that include the dinnerware, linens, serving dishes, furniture et al at an affordable price. If thats the case, go for it if it is within your budget. They will not only bring all this stuff with them, but also help you by setting it all up. Can I sample some of the dishes to be served? Yes, you can. But some caterers may ask you for a small amount for this session. So, you need to be prepared. To Conclude So, these are some of the frequently asked questions at the time of finalizing wedding catering services . To sum it all up, ask them everything you want in detail, including the food they offer (spit roast catering or finger food catering), the extra stuff, the charges, sampling the dishes, discounts to avail etc. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: