Solitaire Ruby

Jewelry-Diamonds The solitaire ruby rings have emerged as a popular choice of late. These rings are basically ruby rings with really huge rubies as their centerpieces. This adds to their overall appearance making them look even more alluring. These rings have the whole rubies in their center. The solitaire ruby rings have the ruby centerpieces raised up from the band, with the help of the prongs. This is done to bring out the rubies size even more and make them much more appealing to the eye. The solitaire ruby rings are usually designed to have a simple look with an understated design. Even, if the rubies used as the centerpieces are not very big, they appear to be so just because they stand alone. Also, since the solitaire ruby rings do not necessarily have any other stones, one can easily spend some extra money to buy a larger stone, boasting of a much higher quality. The solitaire rubies can easily be matched with almost all sorts of wedding bands. Usually, the people prefer to have thin bands but a lot of solitaire ruby rings tend to have really wide bands. The Solitaire Ruby Rings Vs Three Stone Rings The Solitaire ruby rings are very popular but still there are a lot of people who are not able to decide, whether they should go for these rings or the three stone rings. Here is a comparison of the two popular rings that can help to make an informed decision. The solitaire ruby rings usually have a really big ruby as their centerpiece fitted on a metal band usually made of platinum or white gold. The bands are usually thin in the most popular of solitaire ruby rings; however some of them have wider bands, too. In comparison, the three stone ruby rings have rubies as the centerpieces and they also have two more stones on each side of the centerpiece. Usually, these rings tend to be tad bit expensive than the usual ruby rings as the prices also include the cost of the extra stones that are used in the rings along with the usual centerpieces. The band is usually made of platinum and yellow/white gold. Well, the solitaire ruby rings are really popular, as these rings are available at really low prices. Also the rubies in the center tend to look big even if they are not necessarily huge as they are simply standing alone. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: