Softball Training Tips Essential Training Tips For Serious Softball

Sports-and-Recreation As a softball player, you need to constantly train so you can always keep up with the demands of the game. Of course you need to take a break for several weeks after a season, but after that, I recommend that you continue training so your softball skills never get rusty. There are tons of softball training tips out there that will help you keep in shape. However, the following that Im going to share with you are some of the most essential softball exercises you need to do. Theyre the ones that address the most common issues that almost every softball player has. The Overload/Underload Training Protocol Every softball player wants to improve his bat speed, and Im sure youre not an exception. One effective way to do this is by using what I call the overload/underload training protocol. In this exercise, you will have a set of bats of different weights: a regular bat (around 24 oz.), a heavy wooden bat, and a stick thats lighter than the regular bat. Ideally, you want each bat to be 15-20% heavier or lighter from the other bat. Begin with a warm up by swinging the regular bat. Once youre fully warmed up, swing the heavy bat 10 times, followed by the light bat for another 10 repetitions, and finally, try to replicate the bat speed you achieved with the light bat using the regular bat for another 10 reps. These 30 reps constitute one cycle. Perform 3 cycles each session 2-3 times per week for 6-8 weeks. Doing this exercise will help increase your bat speed by 2-3 mph. Sprinting If youre still training on the stationary bike or the treadmill to improve your endurance, then youre not doing your softball game a lot of good. You need to increase your endurance if youre going to play any sport, thats for sure. However in softball, all you need is to be able to run around 30 minutes each time, and that would be enough to help you play softball. What you should focus more on though is your sprinting skills. Sprinting allows you to explode out of the box and perform in the most demanding softball plays on the field like catching a fly ball or going for a tag. The reason for my emphasis on sprinting is that plays in softball only last no more than 5 seconds. And sprinting gives you the energy that will allow you to make explosive moves required in these lightning-quick situations. Thats something that building your endurance like a marathoner couldnt help you with. There you have it, two of the most essential softball training tips you need to be always at the top of your game. This is just a short portion of what you need to be a complete softball player, which is why I would also recommend you to work with a softball trainer to address your particular training requirements. Or if you cant do that, I would suggest you invest on every good softball training books, DVDs, and other materials you can afford. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: