Smart beauty wisdom aesthetics Female Contemporary Photography Exhibition Opening tamiflu

" Smart Beauty " female aesthetic wisdom; contemporary photography exhibition officially opened I SEE International Video Art Show opened at 6 p.m. on November 18th, by PHISKIN Fu AI Art Fund (chips) and MADHAUS jointly organized the "Smart  Beauty wisdom aesthetics" of contemporary women art photography exhibition was officially opened. Now more and more urban women are looking forward to a kind of wisdom, light and absolutely safe way to make life aesthetics as a necessary practice in daily life. PhiSkin is committed to meet this demand,   specially invited 4 new female artists exhibition. With a distinctive style and unique perspective, they express the diversity and diversity of modern women from multiple perspectives. Chinese and German artists and curators on the spot exchange photography artist Yang Yang’s series of works focus on the relationship between women and space, with a delicate lens language to show the fashion of urban women. Wooden towel, a film director, new media artist and, executive director of the three identities, the works of art and technology, aims to break the boundaries of consciousness, and to explore the social phenomenon. Pioneer female artist rain, in the multi-dimensional exploration of the field of creative focus on the expression of women’s body more subtle feelings and emotions. Photography artist Yan Jing works style is very simple, with the humanitarian social observation at the same time, also focus on the nature, space, portrait and minimalist art ecology. The participating artists Yang Yang artists where artists participating artists rain wood towel Yan Jing Yan Jing "existence" 50×50 "value of photography He Yu Yan" 50_70 Photography Exhibition Exhibition Poster Exhibition Information: Name: "Smart  Beauty" Female Contemporary Art Photography curatorial Exhibition: Lin Wei   art director: Artists: Yang Yang, Su Bing He Yu, Yan Jing wood towel, organizers: MADHAUS   PHISKIN Fu AI Art Fund (chips) opening time: November 18th six pm Venue: MADHAUS Tang Town, Tang Lu Road No. 2685 Building No. 3 ISEE international video art show I SEE international video art show curator: Clemens Wilhelm, Constantin Hartenstein joint exhibition Gao Yi: academic support: Li Chuan, Li Yifan Organizers: I SEE international video art show, Beijing cultural center, Germany Goethe Institute (China), the new media department of Sichuan Fine Art Institute, cultural and education section of the German Consulate General in Shanghai partners: German Film Association, German Film Association, orchid pictures MADHAUS, AC Chinese art, Berlin Art Gallery of Contemporary support: dry culture media (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. show time: November 18th, November (14:00-18:00 building相关的主题文章: