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Small and beautiful, admitted to have plastic surgery? The nasal septum is really so magical? Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! A sudden clap of thunder, little hot mom actually admitted doing nasal surgery!   finish the nasal septum, small nose really is! The face looks more delicate and harmonious! S is to do plastic surgery? What is the septum? The [train] physician director invited Beijing Huangsi Hospital of plastic surgery rhinoplasty expert Du Taichao, to answer questions about the nasal septum: doctor Du Taichao archives (deputy chief physician), "Chinese Medical Journal" editorial director, "Chinese Medical Journal" editorial director, Chinese combination of traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Institute of Medical Aesthetics and Cosmetology credit youth committee vice chairman and director of the Logistics Department of the PLA Navy medical malpractice experts, Health Department of orthopedic surgery, senior examination expert group members. So far, 38 countries and regions at home and abroad for the United States to complete more than ten thousand cases of cosmetic surgery, the effect of a realistic, natural, harmonious. Q A: Director: Du Taichao Q: what is the deviation of nasal septum? Nasal septum deviation will cause what the problem? A: the nasal septum is an intermediate partition between two nostrils, divided into bony and cartilaginous parts. Note: the nasal septum and normal nasal septum deflection of nasal septum deviation from the appearance will cause the nose askew, very beautiful. Note: the nasal septum, also have a certain degree of improvement in appearance. In addition to affect the appearance, but also influence of nasal septum deviation breathing, snoring, serious will be blocked, insufficient intake will affect the quality of sleep, the brain hypoxia can lead to memory loss, if things go on like this. In addition, the nose is not ventilated for a long time, with the mouth instead of breathing can also cause sore throat. Q: the nasal septum is plastic surgery? Do you want a plastic surgeon? A: objectively speaking, there is deviation of nasal septum and external nose askew patients, we advised him to go to the Department of ENT, the nasal septum correction to the distorted; plastic surgery for correction of the deviated nose. So, in principle, the nasal septum by ENT surgeon to treat, but some plastic surgeons can do the nasal septum (improper operation is prone to cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhea, this is very dangerous). For the nasal septum is not serious and the external nose askew, can directly find the plastic surgeon doing nasal deviation correction. The nasal septum deviation and normal nasal septum: Q plastic surgery: from the point of view, how to correct the deviated nose? A: the crooked nose is divided into two types: the eyebrows, nose and chin in the same vertical line (i.e., the simple nose crooked) is relatively simple, only need to adjust the nasal bone. The eyebrows, nose and chin are not in the same vertical line (i.e. the nose itself is skewed), this is more complex, only through surgery to reduce the skew degree, can not completely improve. Small hot mom in micro-blog said nasal septum ~相关的主题文章: