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Sixty thousand buy newbest interior, Mercedes Benz forced with ESP high eight Sohu automobile airbag – car, if it is a few million daily scooter, actually the most exquisite is not what technology, so the one hundred thousand inside the car didn’t have too many technical highlights of the car, look to finally found all scrapped, wasteful, but there is still a lot to pay attention to, such as configuration, such as color values, such as practical, of course, these things don’t need to follow the others expected to buy their routine, well, it is a shopping, and a comprehensive standard car price difference. Too much, the most important thing is to let oneself love, happy to buy. But in fact there have been Car Buying experience will have the feeling that the configuration does not in the first place, but also not strong power or other what, for example, the general audience eat melon and friends wouldn’t talk to you this thing, you in the actual use of some use it is a very small, just look at the configuration table will have a benefit and satisfaction, as long as the necessary configuration in place, the other does not have to be too tangled, and the power is so, although power does significantly affect the driving performance and fuel consumption for you, but for others it is it is difficult to empathy, as long as the standard enough, don’t care too much, after all, is the most expensive power production car thing, because the basic configuration can according to the market price is added to your car On, the power can not be the same, to upgrade a grade are tens of thousands of rhythm, and also forced to kidnap you buy a lot of configuration, the price is actually very low. It can make you happy, but it is still a very high value for independent Yan, for enterprises, it is also the most difficult and most not easy to meet, and about the yen value, estimated that many people will agree with an opinion, that appearance is for others, if not to the price can be low-key low-key, the look is good, the interior is not the same, can try to high-profile high-profile, more luxurious luxury as much as possible, because this is their every day on the train to see and experience to the other seat in your car won’t say anything, today to this paper introduces a more than 60 thousand of the sales price, but the interior force can be considered one of the most prominent models for the same price, Changhe Q35 if speaking from the heart, his appearance did not particularly high-profile, but also count on the current The design is very stylish, looks quite stylish, lines are more rounded and full, the whole body size is 4286*1815*1665mm, wheelbase 2560mm, the small SUV is of medium stature, is still very attractive. And he should be able to calculate the whole car interior, the biggest bright spot, familiar people will know that the console is the classic design reference Benz generation, suspension control of a large screen with a circular air outlet, forced or very high, giving a strong legislative body sense and mechanical sense, this for young people is also very important, and the seat design is also very aspect, is not a simple and common kind of shape, the interior feel doubt in the same price相关的主题文章: