Sister online shopping iphone7 received iPhone3 and 4 plus a fusion

Woman: received iPhone3 and 4 iPhone7 online shopping with a fusion card not long ago, apple officially released a new generation of iPhone mobile phone, iPhone7 7Plus, which many fans have to dig into their pockets to tread on air, fashionable. However, not all users can get their favorite mobile phone, this is not a female online shopping on the issue. You feel: Canelé Mimi received the "iPhone 7" recently, micro-blog well-known animation blogger @ two dimension share a female net friend to buy a iPhone 7 wonderful experience, buy iPhone 7 rose gold online, the seller should send sent to iPhone 3 (G) and iPhone 4, it also comes with a "fusion card", dumbfounding. The female friends post said: I bought iPhone 7 rose gold on the network, the results sent to the 3 with the fusion card, when I do charity? I don’t sell you, I don’t know". PS. "Fusion" is the "king of the game" set of cards in the card game is usually a magic card, is the first fusion of the fusion of the monster summoned the magic card, but also the integration of the universal call to the magic card. Screenshot exposure after causing hot: if 3 and 4 are intact activation, which is worth 7 ah. My brother you can buy two to 7 and the future integration of a iPhone 14 6S and 4S ready just now a fusion fusion card not iipphhoonnee7? (source: fast technology editor: D) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: