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Internet-and-Business-Online Are you one of those people who try and try but some how can’t seem to make any money online? If you are keep reading. I decided to go on a quest to find out how some of the Internet Marketing Gurus made there first buck. I mean they were not born with this gift; they had to have started out somewhere. I asked the question What was the first thing you did to consistently produce a profit Online? These were some of the answers I got. I would not call myself a Guru per say , but the first thing I did on the Internet – and still doing, actually – is being a ghostwriter and write articles. It may not be the most profitable thing you can do on the Internet, but it’s easy to get started (that is as long as you have some research and writing skills). I also wrote and sold a public speaking course using a basic model. My first in.e came by selling my affiliate products on my site. It didn’t make much money at first though, but after I learned about Pre-selling strategies and started my own newsletter, I started to see some results. I made real money when I started working on building a list and building relationships with my subscribers. After that, I tailor made several products based on what I found my subscribers were interested in. As you can guess, when you have a great list and a product that your subscribers want, success will just .e. The first money I made on the web was in graphic designing. I had the option to continue with it but decided I wanted to concentrate more on Affiliate Marketing and others Ventures. I also tried adsense for a couple months, did not make much money with it only a couple of dollars a day, got a bit frustrated with it and then got back into Affiliate Marketing. And now, I sell my own products and still do affiliate marketing. I remember my first profits like they where yesterday… It was from a sale of one of my affiliate programs. My .mission was $25.46 and came through to my bank account thru paypal. It took me almost 1 year to make that first sale…mainly that long because I never focused on my strengths and always jumped around looking for the "overnight get rich quick secret". Things have changed a lot since then, and very soon I will be 100% independent from a day job thanks to Internet Marketing. Remember what ever you get into will always take time and effort. Well, it took me some time to turnaround that first profit, not to mention a decent amount of hard work. I tried just about everything that an Internet Marketer can think of…well almost everything. First thing I did was write an e-book to sell. I’m still a huge fan of selling information to this day, I also sold Action figures on eBay and thought: great this is a nice way to make money, what else can I do? Then I got into affiliate marketing and that has paid well. These were just some of the .ments I got. Personally In my experience, what I found was that my failure or success had nothing to do with whether or not the method actually worked, but whether I belonged in what I was promoting. Some of us will never be good in some areas so don’t be afraid to move around and try different things until you find what works for you. Remember to be successful in anything it takes time and effort so be patient and work hard and you will get results. Oh I made my first profit in Google Adsence and still making money with it and now I am into Affiliate Marketing. Hopes this Article helps you make some money Online. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: