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Along the Silk Road countries China film tour launched in Xi’an – Beijing, China News Agency, Xi’an, September 20 (Mei Long Yb Alina) along the Silk Road countries China film tour started in Xi’an on the 20, China film archive will be featured in the film part of Chinese Silk Road countries screenings the movie and academic exchanges, let the people along the national image of knowledge and understanding Chinese, promote the "The Belt and Road along the country’s cultural exchanges and cultural cooperation. According to reports, the "Silk Road" along the national Chinese film tour sponsored by China film archive, aims to promote the film as the carrier, The Belt and Road along the country’s cultural exchanges and mutual learning and cultural cooperation. Roving exhibition is an important part of the silk road film and television project, the Silk Road passed the spirit of friendship and cooperation, so that people understand the image of the people of China, china. The exhibition held in Chinese film screenings and the film as the main academic exchange activities. Held annually for a week to a month China movie theme screenings respectively in the 8 to 10 countries along the silk road. During the show, will also be supporting China film history and contemporary film making industry policy and academic lectures. It is understood that this year’s exhibition tour selected including "Beijing Seattle", "meet again?", the Thai way? "The great master", "hero", more than 20 China movie, set up a "Chinese city life", "Kung Fu China" and "China women", "National China customs" theme unit. China film museum curator Sun Xianghui said the film tour will adhere to the "The Belt and Road interconnection concept, open up multiple channels of cooperation. At the same time to send out the Chinese film, I hope the film to the country to participate in the festival activities. In Chinese screenings of the movie at the same time, will also offer excellent films along the country to jointly participate in the exhibition tour. Representatives of the Yugoslavia Film Museum in Serbia, said the audience in Serbia has always been a very good impression on Chinese movies, starting around 1950, the two countries have begun to contact the film. They hope to become a Chinese connecting Europe link, also hope that through the film tour to cultural exchanges and public consensus in both countries to new heights. On the same day also held the Silk Road along the national film tour exhibition in China, the signing of the signing ceremony of foreign cooperation. (end)相关的主题文章: