Sigmund Ray Allen James kg feel not born to win because the effort (video)

Sigmund Ray Allen: James KG feel not born to win because the efforts of ray Allen announced his retirement remained NBA three ball record Tencent November 1st sports news today, ray Allen published an article in the "players forum", "addressed to myself when I was young", officially announced the end of the career, exit NBA. The three giants won the championship, dear, and tomorrow, when you get off the school bus, you’ll be in a whole new world. It doesn’t make any difference, every time your father needs to go to the air force base, you have to say goodbye to your friends and start a new life. Every three years, you go through a process. New school, new culture, new faces. The north of California, then Germany, Oklahoma, then England, then South California, is now South Carolina Dalzell. You have become accustomed to that no one knows the children, most of the time, you are trying to find new friends, to prove to people that you are a very good person, so that there is no malicious what you have become accustomed to an outsider. You did a good job on these things. But this time, unlike in the past, in the middle of the school year, everyone has a mutual understanding of each other, and you are in a rebellious age, the age of the child, mostly bad. You grew up in a military family, and until now, your friends have come from a family like this. When playing around the house, you will be hanging around the neck of a ID brand, like a dog brand, so as to prevent some of the officers and men do not know you have a misunderstanding. Your primary school is spent in the UK, so you didn’t realize, compared to many people, you are very polite speech and deportment. Tomorrow, when you go to the school bus and talk, they will look at you as if you were an alien." At school, when you look around and see that you have a partner, you will feel out of place. You’ll think, "I don’t know what I’m going to be." To be honest with you, I wish I could tell you that it’s all over, and you’ll get in, and it’s all going to be okay. But you still can’t play with the white kids, or the black kids, the nerds, or the freaks. You’ll be the enemy of many people, because you’re not the one. It’s the hardest thing for you, and the best thing for you. What I want you to do is go to the basketball court and stay on the basketball court. Compared to South Carolina’s Dalzell, the world is a bigger place. If you can stick with it, you will understand this. Remember Saturday and Sunday morning, your father’s old car, you know the sound, it’s not good at all. You want to go to sleep, but you will pick up your shoes and run down the stairs, because he is leaving soon. When he was warming up, you had two.相关的主题文章: