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Sichuan a private hospital " Yuanyang prescription " cheat more than 700 health insurance fund – financial Sohu Guangyuan hospital opened a "Yuanyang prescription" — one issue of expensive drugs electronic direction Department of insurance defrauding Medicare funds at the same time, handwritten prescription function similar to patients using cheap drugs. The indictment shows that involved in the cardiovascular hospital in Guangyuan in 2013, years, a total of defrauding Medicare fund 7 million 490 thousand yuan. Recently, Guangyuan city procuratorate has prosecuted to the hospital and the dean of any 9 people, Guangyuan City Intermediate People’s court will be hearing the case recently. Some of the funds were transferred to the dean of the investment company, according to the indictment, the Guangyuan cardiovascular hospital was founded in November 2005, set up funds of 2 million yuan. Among them, Hemou invested 1 million 100 thousand yuan, Wang invested $365 thousand, Hemou any hospital dean. The hospital has city and county health care workers, rural cooperative medical insurance designated medical institutions qualified, and the annual Guangyuan Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau, County District Health Bureau signed a service agreement for medical insurance designated medical institutions. 2013 to 2014, Wang provided a list of fake drugs, pharmacy staff arranged to enter the hospital medical system. He is letting doctors give patients the high price of electronic prescription issued false drugs in the medical system, at the same time be handwritten with a single infusion, similar low-priced drugs to replace the electronic prescription on the part of the false high drug. And instructed the hospital nurse in accordance with the doctor’s hand written infusion plan to the patient medication, electronic prescription drugs to the medical insurance departments at all levels of reimbursement of medical expenses. After verification, 2013, Guangyuan cardiovascular hospital with false bills, inflated the number of drugs such as taking Medicare funds amounted to 4728238.51 yuan, involving 65 varieties of drugs; 2014 taking Medicare funds amounted to 2768836.96 yuan, involving 68 types of drugs. A total of two year taking Medicare funds 7497075.47 yuan, the hospital issued amount ranging from performance bonus to employees. In 2014, Guangyuan cardiovascular hospital 5 million 50 thousand funds transferred from Mou, Wang Mou Investment Investment Co. Ltd. of Guangyuan City silver account established in financial investment. The second half of 2014, the Guangyuan Municipal Audit Bureau of Guangyuan cardiovascular hospital medical insurance fund audit found that he ordered Wang successively from Sichuan Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., Beichuan Pharmaceutical Company Limited and a number of pharmaceutical companies falsifying drug storehouse of more than 750 yuan, and the wife of Wang Mou inspired accounting personnel and hospital will be false outbound documents into the accounting vouchers, to inflated costs of drug purchasing. Dean wife during the examination to hire to steal evidence in December 2014, the Guangyuan Municipal Public Security Bureau in Sichuan commissioned a forensic accounting on the accounting firm Guangyuan cardiovascular hospital financial information. This situation after that, at the beginning of 2015, Hemou wife Wang asked people to go to check the data on the grounds of CPA consulting hospital accounting data, and took the opportunity to steal the accounting vouchers and other relevant evidence. Later, Wang paid a total of 150 thousand yuan to each other as compensation. Also at the beginning of 2015,.相关的主题文章: