Shiyan won the title of national forest city and became the only city selected in the province-yuanmu

Shiyan won the title of national forest city to become the province’s only selected city vice mayor of Shiyan Zhang Huili took the "National Forest City" plaque Qin Chu network news reporter Min Bo correspondent Xia Jianfuwang Ling Intern He Mengxue reported: in September 19th, 2016 city construction of forest China meeting held in Yanan City, Shaanxi Province, Shiyan city was awarded the title of "National Forest City". This is our "five city joint creation for 2 Guozihao honors. The forum was jointly sponsored by the national population and resources and Environment Committee of the CPPCC, the State Forestry Administration and the economic daily news, and the Shaanxi provincial government hosted the forum. Wang Gang, member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the CPC, vice chairman of the eleven CPPCC National Committee and director of the National Committee of concerned forest activities, attended the meeting and made an important speech. 22 cities have been approved as the National Forest City, and Shiyan has become the only city in Hubei this year. Vice mayor Zhang Huili took over the "National Forest City" plaque on behalf of Shiyan. According to the Shiyan people’s Park, in January 2013, Shiyan formally proposed the establishment of the National Forest City goals, the same year 12 menstrual State Forestry Bureau was allowed to establish. August 2014 "Shiyan National Forest City construction planning" through expert review, and by the municipal government approved the implementation, in September 2014 won the "Hubei province forest city" award. Over the past three years, the city in accordance with the "global mobilization, public participation, and comprehensively promote the" approach, in accordance with the "overall positioning of Wudang, hold water, Green Emerald Forest full of city", has launched a number of major projects, has built a number of demonstration projects, urban and rural environment outlook has been greatly improved, public green the welfare increase year by year, in a relatively short period of time to promote the National Forest City 5 categories of 40 indicators of all standards. The picture shows that through the establishment of National Forest City in Shiyan City, the pace of ecological construction in the city has accelerated year by year, and the ecological culture has flourished. Four years of cumulative investment to create about 8000000000 yuan of funds to complete the new afforestation 1 million 404 thousand and 100 acres, 605 thousand and 300 acres of afforestation, the forest coverage rate reached 64.72%, 79; new construction and expansion of parks, area of nearly 4 million square meters, urban green coverage rate of 41.98%, 12.04 square meters per capita green park construction; Easy Access 600 kilometers, the construction of Library Week 218 thousand acres of ecological isolation zone and river forest 560 km; the implementation of rural afforestation 150 thousand acres; new and promoted above the provincial level nature reserves 5, Forest Park 5, wetland 4; new forest base of nearly 1 million acres, 2015 total forestry output value exceeded 11 billion yuan, 2.2 times in 2012. Shaanxi forestry department, Jiangxi forestry department, Guangdong forestry department, Shaanxi, Yanan, Heilongjiang, Zhejiang, Jinhua, Fujian, Sanming City, Shandong, Weifang, Henan, Shangqiu and Hubei, Shiyan, make an exchange speech at the conference in Shuangyashan. Zhang Huili said in his speech, Shiyan because "Sen Sen" more dynamic, more attractive, more strength, but also because of "Sen Sen" to make people more sense of gain, identity, sense of responsibility. Shiyan will take this as a new starting point, the protection of the intensity.

十堰荣获国家森林城市称号 成为全省唯一入选城市 副市长张慧莉代表十堰接过“国家森林城市”牌匾   秦楚网讯 记者 闵波 通讯员 夏建福 王松岭 实习生 何梦雪 报道:9月19日,2016中国森林城市建设座谈会在陕西省延安市召开,十堰市被授予“国家森林城市”称号。这是十堰“五城联创”获得的第二个“国字号”荣誉。   此次座谈会由全国政协人口资源环境委员会、国家林业局、经济日报社联合主办,陕西省政府承办。原中共中央政治局委员、十一届全国政协副主席、全国关注森林活动组委会主任王刚出席会议并做重要讲话。全国22个城市被批准为国家森林城市,十堰市成为今年湖北省唯一入选城市。副市长张慧莉代表十堰接过“国家森林城市”牌匾。 图为十堰市人民公园   据了解,2013年1月,十堰市正式提出创建国家森林城市目标,同年12月经国家林业局获准开展创建。2014年8月《十堰市国家森林森林城市建设总体规划》通过专家评审,并由市政府批准实施,2014年9月获得“湖北省森林城市”授牌。   三年多来,全市上下按照“全域动员、全民参与、全面推进”的做法,按照“武当叠翠、林拥水都、绿满车城”的总体定位,先后启动了一批重大工程,相继建成了一批示范项目,城乡环境面貌得到极大改善,市民绿色福利逐年大幅提高,在较短的时间内推动了国家森林城市5大类40项指标全部达标。 图为十堰城区   通过创建国家森林城市,全市生态建设步伐逐年加快,生态文化得以蓬勃兴起。四年累计投入创建资金80多亿元,完成新造林140.41万亩,封山育林60.53万亩,全市森林覆盖率达64.72%,;新建、扩建公园绿地79处,面积近400万平方米,城区绿化覆盖率达41.98%,人均公园绿地12.04平方米;建设绿色通道600公里,建设库周生态隔离带21.8万亩和河流林带560公里;实施乡村绿化建设15万亩;新建和晋升省级以上自然保护区5处、森林公园5处、湿地公园4处;新建林产基地近100万亩,2015年林业总产值突破110亿元,为2012年的2.2倍。   陕西省林业厅、江西省林业厅、广东省林业厅、陕西延安市、黑龙江双鸭山市、浙江金华市、福建三明市、山东潍坊市、河南商丘市和湖北十堰市在大会作交流发言。张慧莉在发言中表示,十堰因“创森”更有活力、更有魅力、更有实力,也因“创森”使民众更有获得感、认同感、责任感。十堰将以此为新的起点,保护的力度不减,建设的脚步不停,以更高的标准、更实的举措,努力把森林城市建设推向新的高度,为建设全国重要生态屏障和生态文明先行示范区作出更大的贡献。相关的主题文章: