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Shenzhen took the lead in establishing the international standards of the innovative city — Shenzhen channel — original title: Shenzhen first to create innovative international standards of National Standards Commission officially approved the Shenzhen City, the first in China to carry out the international standard of innovative demonstration city to create work. Shenzhen municipal government attaches great importance to the organization immediately to create work, at present, the Shenzhen standard international innovative city model to create a work plan (2016-2018) (referred to as the creation of the program) has been introduced. Under the program, the city will continue to improve the degree of internationalization of the standard, the next 3 years will lead or participate in the development of more than 600 kinds of international standards. Create a "plan" the full deployment of the next 3 years to create a working demonstration, and, from the standard international standard innovation system, city management standard, social management standard, standard working mechanism in five aspects, put forward 15 concrete demonstration of quantization and assessment to create a target. At the same time, 43 main tasks are put forward from the following ten aspects: promoting the internationalization of standards, strengthening the innovation and implementation of standards. In order to improve the international standards, one is the international standardization activities will significantly enhance the right to speak, will dominate or involved in the development of more than 600 kinds of international standards, into the field of unmanned aircraft, metamaterials and other international standard setters; two is the construction of international standard training base, aims to train more than 500 international standards of high-end talent; three is to promote more than 5 international standards organization or counterparts in Shenzhen, initially built the influential international standard working mechanism of cluster. In the continuous improvement of the standard system of innovation, to create a "plan" proposed to establish more than 5 standard of Shenzhen innovation base, the construction of an open standard innovation platform for exchanges and cooperation; to guide and cultivate more than 30 backbone enterprises to establish R & D and standard synchronization mechanism. It is understood that Shenzhen is one of the best cities to carry out standardization work in recent years has developed a total of 4212 domestic and international standards, including domestic standards of 3077, international standards of the 1135. At present, Shenzhen has set up an industrial standard alliance more than and 20, the development of the release of a total of nearly 300 union standards. Our city to build "Shenzhen standard" certification information platform, open authentication information, publish Shenzhen high quality product information to the whole society, at the end of September, a total of 3113 standard self disclosure statement, at the same time, strengthen international well-known technical institutions and the mutual recognition of the test results, the establishment of the "international product certification system of a standard, a test global traffic", help Shenzhen products to enter the international market, to create the overall brand image of Shenzhen standard ". In order to expand the Shenzhen standard identification of visibility and influence, the city also issued the "Shenzhen standard and advanced evaluation management measures" and other series of documents, system innovation, efforts to promote Shenzhen standards, make Shenzhen become the standard, standard identification quality, brand, reputation fusion is an important carrier of development. At present, Shenzhen is the first in Android intelligent mobile phone, infant garment, bra and wooden desk and other livelihood key products to carry out Shenzhen standard certification pilot, and will expand to 15 in two years)相关的主题文章: