Shenyang Heping District Talent apartment moved to the first record passenger – Liaoning channel,

Shenyang Heping District Talent apartment moved to the first record passenger – Liaoning channel: original title: Shenyang talent apartment moved to the first hit off the new arrival of a passenger, 28 year old boy in Anshan Sun Xiangyu and 24 year old boy in Shanxi Nie Xin. – this photo by reporter Wan rephotography release October 13th, reporters arrived at the Shenyang city street with Party building in Heping District Talent apartment, see here has been completed renovation, all kinds of appliances are all in place, with the occupancy conditions. It happened that Sun Xiangyu and Nie Xin had come to see the house and choose the beds through the two new tenants who had applied for and got approval. 28 year old boy in Anshan Sun Xiangyu and 24 year old Nie Xin Shanxi guy is in Sanhao public record space venture hit off, one of them was the business of internet medical consultation platform, a computer is industrial design, they are the first batch of talents in Heping District of Shenyang city apartment entrepreneurs. "Wow, the apartment facilities good ah, air conditioning, bed, wardrobe, furniture, bedding all have, is really a bag and can stay." Nie Xin said happily. The person in charge of service management talent apartment manager Xu said: "our talent apartment construction area of 4800 square meters, has more than 100 kinds of room and more than 180 beds, with nearly 300 square meters of service center, which set up a reception area, book bar, bar, supermarket, laundry, restaurant, hot water bathing area. Stay here guests will get very preferential policies, the ordinary room monthly rent is 200 yuan per bed, dining and shopping in the supermarket is cheap, there are a number of free services, which solves the menace from the rear for the fledgling young entrepreneurs." What links can apply for rental apartments for rental personnel according to the conditions are: – talent apartment foreign venture in Heping District of Shenyang city passenger record. To hold the "three good" creation of space innovation and entrepreneurship certificate and innovation and entrepreneurship card maker. In the high-tech enterprises in Shenyang has the core technology of nonlocal staff, etc.. (soup: dragon, commissioning editor Xiao Yuan)

沈阳和平区人才公寓搬来了首批创客–辽宁频道–人民网 原标题:沈阳人才公寓搬来了首批创客   新入住的创客,28岁的鞍山小伙孙相宇和24岁的山西小伙聂鑫。 □本稿照片由本报记者万重摄   10月13日,记者来到位于沈阳市三好街同方大厦的和平区人才公寓,看到这里已经装修完工,各种家电设备也全部到位,具备了入住条件。正巧,通过申请并获得审批的两位新住户孙相宇和聂鑫也来到这里看房和选床位。   28岁的鞍山小伙孙相宇和24岁的山西小伙聂鑫都是在三好街众创空间里创业的创客,他们一个是经营互联网医疗咨询平台,一个是进行计算机工业设计,他们是首批获得入住沈阳市和平区人才公寓的创业者。“哇塞,公寓里的设施好全呀,空调、床、衣柜、桌椅、被褥全都有,真是拎包就能入住呀。”聂鑫高兴地说。   人才公寓服务管理负责人徐经理介绍说:“我们这个人才公寓建筑面积达到4800平方米,拥有各式房间100余间和180余个床位,还配有近300平方米的服务中心,里面设立了会客区、书吧、水吧、超市、洗衣房、餐厅、热水洗浴等功能区。入住这里的创客将获得非常优惠的政策,普通房间的租金是每月每个床位200元,餐饮和超市购物都是平价的,还有多项服务免费,这为刚刚起步的年轻创业者解决了后顾之忧。”   链接   什么人可以申请租住人才公寓   据了解,申请租住人才公寓的条件是:●外地来沈阳市和平区创业的创客。●持有三好众创空间创新创业证及创新创业卡的创客。●在沈阳高新技术企业里拥有核心技术的外地工作人员等。 (责编:汤龙、孝媛)相关的主题文章: