Shell spit real the world’s fastest 5 years of oil demand peaked, accelerate the layout of new energ-519697

Tell the truth: Shell global oil demand the fastest 5 year peak, accelerate the layout of the new energy science and technology Sohu – the world’s second largest oil companies in Holland Royal Shell (Royal Dutch Shell) 2, accidentally spit real, it admits that oil demand the fastest 5 years will hit the ceiling. Shell these words not only is very rare, and other large oil companies and oil producers have been optimistic about the long-term prospects of different needs. ( Shell chief financial officer Simon day before Henry in the law said at the meeting said that the long expected demand for oil supply than the first peak time is approximately between 5 to 15 years, and this will depend on the efficiency of energy use in the progress and development of alternative energy sources. The World Energy Council (World Energy Council) had predicted that, if renewable energy and electric vehicles and other disruptive technology continued to flourish, so oil demand in 2030 will reach peak, which is still about 14 years. In view of this, Henry said the Valley brand oil has been a rainy day, and actively carry out the layout of the renewable energy, natural gas and biofuels, hydrogen fuel with alternative potential, to ensure sustainable down Valley brand. Valley brand in 2015 to spend $54 billion to buy Group (BG), which is based on energy strategy transformation considerations. (by MoneyDJ authorized reprint news source: Flickr Rennett StoweCC; homepage BY 2) extended reading:相关的主题文章: