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Shanghai traffic remediation bus speed increased by four bus lanes within the last 10% years is no car day, green travel has become the focus of attention. Shanghai public transport can be awesome? To this end, the city traffic Commission yesterday showed the existing "house" and launched a new "menu". For the convenience of a large residential community and village community residents in Shanghai this year, the new adjustment of about 20 bus lines, and to the new 25 km bus lane; Yanan road in the capacity of public transport operation completed in January next year; before the end of the year, 102 "the last kilometer" transit shipment schedule will be hung ying…… The only way to solve traffic congestion in big cities is to develop public transport. Municipal Transportation Commission, said Shanghai is expected to build in 2017, the national transit city". Through the recent traffic remediation action, Shanghai bus speed has increased by about 10%. The latest data show that as of the end of last year, the central city of Shanghai bus average speed of 13.7 km per hour, the future goal is to reach an hour of 15 to 20 km. During the year, four bus lanes were added to the east-west traffic artery in the southwest of Shanghai – Wuzhong Road will also have a new bus lane. City Traffic Commission announced yesterday that this year, continue to promote the construction of bus lanes to 25 km road bridge (Pudong), Siping Road (Hongkou, Yangpu), Po Yang Road – Baoan (Baoshan) and Wuzhong Road (Xuhui, Minhang). In addition to Jinqiao Road has been completed by the Pudong New Area, the remaining three roads are planned to be completed or started in the second half of the year. It is worth mentioning that the traffic regulation, to further play the role of bus lane, Shanghai morning and evening peak bus speed has improved significantly: Gonghexin Road, Long Wu Road, Hutai Road, West Yan’an Road Road, Tibet Road, radiation, Dalian Road, Henan Road, Tian Shan Road, the bus speed is increased by more than 10%. Continue to optimize the adjustment of bus lines since 2013, the city has 1028 bus lines to be optimized, in order to solve the public rail transit travel the last mile line has reached 197, with 570 vehicles, the average daily passenger services to more than 50 people. Transportation Commission commitment this year, combined with the construction of rail transportation and hub, large residential communities (affordable housing base) development, supporting remote areas, urban and rural integration, will continue to optimize the adjustment of bus lines. According to reports, the bus group has been combined with the Puxi area 25 passenger corridor, has developed a preliminary plan to adjust the bus network, Pudong bus is also actively carry out relevant combing, plans to complete the program to refine the work before the end of September. Shanghai too road in Puxi is the first pilot to be optimized to adjust its transport along the line and operation organization mode, in particular the 963 road bus lanes as the main line, 58 road as the main line, and in accordance with the peak interval is less than 5 minutes, the trough interval is less than 10 minutes and can allocate transport flights; at the same time, optimal adjustment of Shanghai is along the road and the surrounding lines, form an effective link with the 963 Road, 58 road and other lines of the transfer line network backbone. "Shuttle bus" will be linked to the timetable by the residents of the "last mile" bus line (commonly known as "shuttle bus"), the line is listed on the implementation of pilot services, the vehicle should be stated on the brand相关的主题文章: