Shanghai Park project climbing rope to break 11 students were injured and sent to hospital in

Shanghai Park project climbing rope to break 11 students were taken to the hospital – Beijing, Beijing, Shanghai, October 14, (Miu Lu Zheng Yingying) netizen "dream your life no regrets" 14 noon in micro-blog claimed that the Wusong gun Taiwan wetland Forest Park is located in Shanghai city in Baoshan District "climb Mount Everest project" brave the accident. 11 students were injured in the accident, has been sent to the Shanghai Municipal People’s Hospital of the North Hospital ninth. The friends broke the news, southwest Weiyu east campus for an autumn outing today in Wusong gun Taiwan wetland in Forest Park, the brave occurred within the project accident, leading to the school two junior school female students in sprain, broke the news also pointed out that "other school students manlianshixue". After searching for relevant information in micro-blog, users found that the emperor uncle 520 also broke the accident. Reporters on the scene, "climb Mount Everest" brave project equipment rusting, rope appear aging, climb Mount Everest for use on the bulletin board writing equipment manufactured by "Wande Amusement Equipment Co. ltd.. The facility outside the big lawn, charges 10 yuan. According to the Baoshan District Green City Management Bureau, about 11:30 at noon today, Taiwan Forest Park wetland Wusong gun rides "climb the Mount Everest" rope fracture, resulting in 11 students were injured. After the incident, the park staff, school teachers rushed to the scene the first time, immediately call 120 ambulance hotline will be sent to the injured Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine Affiliated Hospital of the people’s Republic of China (northern) treatment. Baoshan District authorities to start the relevant plans for the first time, to organize the treatment of the wounded, visit condolences to the injured and other related work. According to a preliminary understanding of the injured tourists were from Xuhui, and the southwest Weiyu middle school third Tianlin Hongkou experimental school. Up to now, the injured no major injuries, being treated in hospital and hospital observation. Cause of the incident is under further investigation of the relevant departments. (end)相关的主题文章: