Shanghai Jiaotong University of Michigan School of two professional abet certified engineers to prom-stellarium

Shanghai Jiaotong University of Michigan School of two professional ABET certified engineers to promote the internationalization of Education – Beijing Beijing in August 29 Shanghai Xinhua (reporter Xu Jing) Shanghai Jiao Tong University announced 29 days, has been formally notified of ABET international engineering education accreditation agencies in the United States, Shanghai Jiaotong University of Michigan School of mechanical and electronic engineering and computer engineering two undergraduate majors with excellent performance was officially certified by ABET. ABET certification is a field of Applied Science, computer, engineering and engineering technology globally recognized as the most authoritative and universal authentication system, but also the Washington Agreement (Washington Accord) is one of the 6 founding engineering organization. Currently there are 29 countries in the world more than 700 colleges and universities in nearly 3600 projects to obtain ABET certification, which includes the United States MIT, Stanford University, the University of Michigan and all Ivy league. The final assessment report pointed out that the ABET feedback, University of Michigan College has a cross disciplinary and cross culture, high level and high quality teachers, they truly student-centered, cultivating students’ ability oriented. ABET certification for the first second years of the Michigan Institute of the landmark significance of the ten. President Huang Peisen said: "the ABET certification by international certification authority of our college running quality and standard for approval, school further expand international cooperation and enhance the competitiveness of international and domestic college students, for education, exchange and industry have a tremendous role in promoting! "The president of the Shanghai Jiao Tong University academician Zhang Jie Hope University of Michigan two professional ABET certification to become the school of international cooperation, to recruit high-quality international students of the propellant, further promote the international development of a strong engineering Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He said that at present, countries called for public entrepreneurship, innovation, Shanghai is wildly beating gongs and drums building a global influence innovation center, which requires a large number of high quality international top-notch creative talents, therefore, countries need more higher education by the international authoritative organization certification education project, to cultivate a large number of high-end talent can participate in international competition, at the same time to attract more high-quality students, cultivate a large number of influential people know Hua Youhua the future, in order to realize the dream of power Chinese! Shanghai Jiaotong University vice president Xu Xuemin said, hoping to take this opportunity to promote the cultivation of science and Engineering College China mode, let more students get the same Chinese not out of training high quality, is hoping to attract more students to pursue a degree in science and technology China. University of Michigan College was founded in Shanghai in April 2006 by the Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the University of Michigan joint construction, aims to build a world-class training zone of internationalization, innovation, leaders in China soil.相关的主题文章: