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Shanghai 9 trunk peak truck forbidden line to improve the main road traffic rate of morning news has been gathered in Baoshan as everyone knows, the freight business, the morning and evening peak hours, the car mixed with the large trucks trucks on the road, it It is quite common for. However, this phenomenon is expected to improve in the future, from yesterday (September 18th), the 9 main roads in Baoshan District will continue to limit the large trucks. Baoshan Public Security said that this measure is expected to ease congestion, improve commuting efficiency. 7 am yesterday morning, the reporter saw no sign of the new have been hung in the Wenshui Hutai Road intersection, Hutai Road to G1501 road direction, from yesterday, the daily 7 pm to 10 pm, 16 PM to 19 PM two hours, more than 8 tons of freight vehicles prohibited. Not only that, this month, part of the road every day in Baoshan District Bao Yang Road, Yixian Road, Yin Road, Gonghexinlu 8 other main roads of the implementation of 8 tons and above the truck forbidding measures, and Hutai Road, the 8 main roads of the time limit is 7 every morning to 9 points, at 16:30 to 18:30. During the morning rush hour yesterday, reporters at the scene learned that Hutai Road Wenshui Road on the north side of the road there are 6 cars and trucks were punished due to violation of the ban on signs. At 8:30 am, the driver Lu master because the driver was carrying 33 tons of air cargo was stopped by the traffic police. Face punishment, Master Lu said, knowing that the wenshuilu central region is limited, so specially from Hutai Road South to north direction around, did not expect to break the area. Eventually, Lu master was sentenced to a fine of $200 for violating the ban, 3 points. At the same time, the traffic police also issued a ban on the road to the east section of the road map, while leading Lu Lu in the next intersection immediately leave Shanghai Road ban line. Ban after the implementation of the new deal, many truck drivers can not adapt. The driver Zhou Master said, morning and evening peak truck in Hutai Road, Bao Yang Road, Yin Road are banned, only Jiang Yang Road to go. Contrary to the distress of truck drivers and freight companies, the majority of the public and small car driver’s ban on the new deal expressed support. Live Fosun gardens public Miss Jiang said that the truck limit line on the first day of apparent Hutai Road more smooth: "in the past in this way are often close to large trucks, a bit frightened. Now, when I go to work in the morning, a lot of large trucks on the road, hoping to continue." It is reported that, in addition to Hutai Road (central line to the G1501 section), in Baoshan this month will also include Yixian Road, Gonghexinlu, Bao Yang Road, 8 main roads began to implement the restriction on more than 8 tons of freight, and time limit are at 7 in the morning to 9 pm, at 16:30 in the afternoon 18:30. Baoshan traffic police said that the purpose of limiting measures is to improve the main road traffic, the implementation of the ban on more than 8 tons of trucks, can effectively reduce congestion. Traffic police department also reminded that the freight units to remind the team in a timely manner, so as not to cause illegal negligence. Hot news: Shanghai 2040 planning interpretation: Shanghai actively prosperity retreat this month Shanghai amount will increase more than 1000 transaction settlement date has been adjusted to resolve the housing bubble risks such as tiger相关的主题文章: