September listing SUV preview four new product interpretation (video)

September listing SUV preview four new products to interpret the SUV market is still very popular in China and a short period of time in the field of models. In the sales data we have in the car in the compact class first, but still can not and is comparable to SUV, and more and more commercial vehicle brands have gradually joined the competition. The following five models, there are four models are new products, so that you have more money in the hands of a little longer, look to buy oh. Beijing 20 is expected to be priced at 8~12 million so awkward, let’s BJ20 it. Before the 13 cattle are BJ212, made great contribution on the battlefield during the cultural revolution, then caught a thief, can sit on the 212 are respected figures. A new era of military vehicles after replacement, the civilian market is basically the idea of No one shows any interest in, can receive two cars at home, but most of them are verbal feelings. Now, meet the country V emissions, 212 is still in the price of 6.57~7.03 million yuan. In addition, BJ20 is the line in Beiqi Zhenjiang factory, which also marks the factory formally put into production. Just a few days ago, Beijing automobile 100th vehicles officially off the assembly line! The company announced that Beijing will be achieved in 2020 100% electric. BX5 is expected to sell the price of 12~18 million yuan to say feelings, Po Wo and Jeep have a fight. The once glorious moment, before the 1961 financial crisis, Bao Wo was the German automaker Mercedes Benz, the only comparable with commercial vehicles from the passenger car to the entire product line. Similar to Maybach, Bao Wo was also raised, the founder of the brand is the initiator of evil sun Christian Borgward. His wishful thinking can be formed? Can you see his father – son of the founder of the brand. Buddy in the Volkswagen group retirement, served as the Volkswagen Group Board of directors, the early years also witnessed the new Santana (ginseng, pictures, fast inquiry) in china. The relationship is over, BX7 estimated that you will understand. Almost all of the performance of the Department of fan children, but also a little Tiguan (with reference, pictures, inquiry) shadow. BX5 smaller than BX7, wheelbase 2675 mm. In addition to the cheaper price, unexpected attractive highlights. 1.4T engine has a hybrid system, 1.8T engine is slightly lower than the EA211 data. Dongfeng Peugeot 4008 Peugeot 4008 super cool dashboard (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) the estimated price of 16-20 million yuan this 4008 is 4008! To this end, we have to introduce Peugeot 3008, Citroen C4 (with, pictures, inquiry) Aircross and MITSUBISHI Hyun hyun. The old readers can have the impression that, MITSUBISHI Jin Hyun overseas test drive, Paris Dakar rally champion Ceng Ganghao more on the track leading media test drive. Peugeot 4008 and Citroen C4 Aircross no doubt, is certainly a car, are PSA group, just look different, it had been in the country to import car sales. Interestingly, two cars are MITSUBISHI OEM production in Japan, is PSA is just to find a product line.相关的主题文章: