Scripting The Repeatability Challenge

Internet-and-Business-Online Here is the article in this Testing Strategies and Tactics for Mobile Apps series. In the previous articles we have discussed on mobile testing challenges for native apps and web apps and also the various network challenges involved in mobile testing. Prior to that today we are going to talk about the last challenge in mobile testing. Our last challenge of mobile testing is what we call scripting, the method that is used to actually execute the test script. Script execution can either be manual or automated. You either write down the scripts in a document or a spreadsheet, which is then used by a test engineer who manually enters keystrokes, or you run automated scripts that in turn evoke the keystrokes and record the results. Because there are so many different devices with different menu structures and keystroke options, automated scripting needs to be abstracted away from the device to be of any real use. Consider a script that follows strict keystrokes on an Apple iPhone. This script would not have any chance of working on a Nokia N70, because the user interfaces are .pletely different. Fortunately, most automated testing software provides high-level scripting functions such as goto URL or send SMS, which are not dependent on the particular menu structure of the target device. Most device emulators are capable of automating test execution using a higher-level, abstracted scripting language that is not device dependent. When you use automated mobile test scripting , the cost of setting up the script will typically be higher than the cost of a single manual execution of a test script. But if it is a test script that you run on a periodic basis, every time that you subsequently run the script, the more time and effort you will save. If you run the script enough, you will eventually recover the cost of initial scripting. Finally, many automated scripting tools have a special ability to spider or crawl a mobile Web site. This is a special capability that can test an entire site with a single .mand. Although this capability will not be able to perform .plex transactions, it is a quick test to set up that will walk your mobile Web site looking at every page for errors and device inconsistencies and is a very powerful and cost-effective tool. So thats it in this Testing Strategies and Tactics for Mobile Apps series. I will cover another article in which will discuss few tips and re.mendations. Stay tuned! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: