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Scientific and healthy weight loss method to understand the truth, less detours Guide: weight loss should pay attention to science, not to the belly to wipe what milk, what to eat medicine is also called "scientific weight loss."". Hunger, strenuous exercise, acupuncture, massage, liposuction, drugs and so on weight loss method, the result is nothing but diarrhea, constipation, search the stomach, easily lead to digestive and metabolic diseases. What are the scientific and healthy ways to lose weight? Let’s get to know. Source: PCLADY exercise, will it consume fat? 1, exercise, will certainly consume fat? Not all sports burn fat. If you want to burn fat, oxygen is essential, because aerobic, fat can be oxidized decomposition, decomposition of fat can be used for energy supply. Therefore, aerobic exercise can really achieve the purpose of burning fat. In the beginning of the movement, but also to master the scientific and healthy way to lose weight. Because the body first uses sugar as the source of energy, and as the movement proceeds, the body discharges large amounts of water and metabolic waste in the form of sweat. This stage of energy is very abundant, the body does not need to mobilize fat for energy. "20 minutes" is often considered a Kaner, moving fat burning the body of sugar consumed, in order to maintain the motor function, the body will begin to burn fat for energy. That’s why people think highly of aerobic exercise, because it really helps you reduce excess body fat. Why do you lose weight when you lose weight? 2. Why do you lose weight when you lose weight? Many people do not understand why the weight loss is abdominal thin, in fact, understand the scientific and healthy weight loss method, it is easy to understand. Studies have shown that if the total body fat lost by 10%, then abdominal fat must be cut by 30%. Why is that? First of all, the mechanism by which our body mobilizes fat is "where should we use it first?"". Because abdominal muscles belong to smooth muscle, the resistance to fat is very low, abdominal fat is the easiest to accumulate. When the body needs to burn fat as energy, it will find that the abdominal fuel is the most abundant, of course, will first take the fat on the belly of the operation. In addition, there are also some psychological factors, because when you lose weight, your attention to other parts of the body is far less than the abdomen, so it will be the first to detect abdominal slimming. 3, vegetarian compared with meat, more conducive to fat burning? Like walking, it takes energy to eat it. Studies have shown that eating a meal in chewing, digestion, absorption of food in the process can consume 50 thousand calories, one day by eating about 150 thousand calories calories. Moreover, these calories are blood glucose, glycogen and carbohydrate supply, we must remember that this is always the last fat generals will play. The amount of heat in the food eventually turns into fat on our body, especially when we eat, sit still, lie down and rest, and it’s easy to accumulate fat. The vegetables are rich in cellulose, the volume ratio of meat is more "huge", so after eating more easy to produce satiety.

科学健康的减肥方法 了解真相少走弯路   导读:减肥要讲究科学,决不是向肚子抹点什么乳,吃点什么药也叫“科学减肥”。饥饿、剧烈运动、针灸按摩、吸脂手术、药物等等减肥法,造成的结果无非都是泻水通便、搜刮肠胃,容易引发消化系统和代谢系统疾病。究竟科学健康的减肥方法有哪些?一起来了解。来源:PCLADY 运动了,就一定会消耗脂肪吗?   1、运动了,就一定会消耗脂肪吗?   并不是所有的运动都会燃烧脂肪。想要脂肪燃烧,氧气是必不可少的,因为有氧,脂肪才能进行氧化分解,分解后的脂肪才能用于供能。所以,进行有氧运动,才能真正达到燃烧脂肪的目的。   在运动的开始阶段,更要掌握科学健康的减肥方法。因为此时身体首先会以糖作为能量的来源,随着运动的进行,身体以汗液的形式排出大量的水分和代谢废物。这一阶段的能源物质非常的充足,机体不需要调动脂肪来供能。   “20分钟”常被认为是运动燃脂的一道坎儿,此时,体内的糖消耗殆尽,为了保持运动机能,身体就会开始燃烧脂肪来供能。这也就是人们推崇有氧运动的原因,因为它的确可以有效地帮你减少身体多余的脂肪。 为什么减肥时腹部最先瘦?   2、为什么减肥时腹部最先瘦?   很多人不明白减肥时为何是腹部先瘦,其实,了解了科学健康的减肥方法,也就很容易理解了。有研究表明,如果全身脂肪平均减掉了10%,那么腹部脂肪一定减掉了30%。这是为什么呢?首先,我们机体调动脂肪的机制是“哪最多就先用哪”。因为腹部肌肉属于平滑肌,对脂肪的抵抗力很低,腹部的脂肪是最容易堆积的。   当身体需要燃烧脂肪作为能量的时候,它会发现腹部的“燃料”最丰富,当然就会先拿肚子上的脂肪开刀了。另外,也有一部分心理因素,因为减肥时你对身体其他部位的关注度远不及腹部,所以会最先察觉腹部瘦了。   3、吃素跟吃肉相比,更有利于脂肪燃烧?   和走路一样,吃这件事,同样需要消耗能量。研究表明,吃一顿饭在咀嚼、消化、吸收食物的过程中能够消耗50千卡的热量,一天光靠吃饭大约能消耗150千卡的热量。而且,这些热量都是血糖、糖元等糖类物质提供的,我们要记住,脂肪这员大将永远是最后才会出场的。   食物中的热量最终会变成我们身上的脂肪,尤其在我们吃饱后坐着不动或是躺着休息时,很容易让脂肪堆积起来。而蔬菜富含纤维素,体积比肉类更“庞大”,所以吃菜后更容易产生饱腹感。相关的主题文章: