Sanitation workers picked up 6000 yuan in cash to the rain station roadside owner – Sohu

Sanitation workers picked up 6000 yuan in cash to the rain station roadside owner – Sohu Yangzi Evening News Network October 26th news (reporter Ma Zhiya) rain, suddenly found a bag of money, what would you do? A sanitation sister in Xuzhou said she must wait until the owner. On the morning of 26, at the Xuzhou train station, a sanitation worker is early clean picked up a containing 6 thousand yuan in cash envelopes, wait 10 minutes no fruit in the rain, and finally to the nearby police on duty post for help, finally found the owner. In the morning, it’s raining in Xuzhou. In the high-speed rail station on the door of the square, a sanitation sister is cleaning the site. In the clean up near the exit position, the sister found a brown envelope. She picked up the open, there is a thick stack of hundred dollar bills. At that time, the sky rain is not small, the door of the station not many people, sister picked up the envelope and sanitation, reckon the owner may look back, in the rain waiting for in situ. After waiting for about 10 minutes no one, the sister came to the station on duty booth for sanitation. Police opened the envelope inventory, a total of 6000 yuan. Sanitation sister said her in place, can not find the owner, so decided to be reflected to the police, she again back to the owner. Police analysis, the envelope is not far off place lost the owner Pavilion, is likely to alarm, it is still raining outside, don’t let the elder sister to sanitation wait for rain. The police poured water sanitation to comfort his sister, sitting in the booth. More than and 10 minutes later, a middle-aged couple came to the booth to alarm. After verification, the alarm Mr. Wang in the process of getting off, accidentally will be filled with cash envelopes lost, there are RMB 6000 yuan, and sanitation sister picked up the same envelope. The police verified, confirmed that Mr. Wang is the owner. Mr. Wang picked up the envelope, cleaning sister was waiting in the rain for 10 minutes, very moved and feel sorry, pulled out a wad of money as a thank you. Sister sanitation is determined not to accept, and Mr Wang ran out of the booth, the rain came to a nearby store to buy a lot of seeds of candy, sanitation that received the elder sister feel shy.  相关的主题文章: