Samhyun Introduces E-bike Conversion Kit To Convert A General Bike Into Electric Bike-kairui

Samhyun replaces the bicycles front wheel to a wheel with motor. Samhyun, a widely known bicycle manufacturer, launched its new product Hirun E-bike conversion kit which converts general bike to electric bike. This E-bike conversion kit changes bikes front wheel to a new bike wheel with motor and sets up the battery and the stroll on handle bar. Therefore, it is removable without permanently changing the existing bike. Every general MTB bike with a 26 inch diameter and fork width of greater than 11cm is able to be equipped with the E-bike Conversion kit device. Samhyuns E-bike conversion kit consists of front wheel with motor fixed on, battery, charger, stroll, controller and battery docking station. Kit production is divided into two different types according to the battery capacity, 36V and 24V. Samhyuns E-bike conversion kit is being manufactured in Korea and exported to Europe, North America and Australia with the Samhyuns own brand Hirun, and they will introduce E-bike conversion kit with removable of rear bicycle wheel. This .pany also manufactures BLDC(brushless DC) motors . This has the same meaning with BLDC electric motors consisting rotating permanent mag.s and a fixed armature removing the troubles of connection to the armature that is moving. This motor has the advantage of more torque per weight and efficiency, less noise, longer life time and more power. Samhyun, starting from 1988, has been serving valued customers with eco friendly, energy saving products. They have actively been promoting the mission of the preservation of Mother Earth. As Koreas No.1 BLDC motor & controller maker, Samhyun feels very confident that their products are the very best on the market today. They established the recognized brand Hirun which is the best performing battery operated bicycles in the world! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: