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The rumors behind the water Pui Village: the villagers eat big pot feast tenants subsistence – press water Pui Village Sohu old scene photography independent newspaper reporter Zhu Kaiyun Shenzhen Shui Bei Cun is the famous gold jewelry industry gathering area of Shenzhen city renewal has always been no shortage of flourishes story, "the old water Pui Village" is undoubtedly a a perfect window to observe the urbanization of Shenzhen city. Although the "compensation for the demolition of 200 million" rumors, with 3 rumourmongers detainees come to an end, but the process of sample "around the city water Pui Village, there will be more consideration and discussion. Table 530 Poon Choi feast, let Shenzhen Shuibei village overnight explosion of red. Compensation for the demolition of 200 million ultimately proved to be false news, but there is no denying the fact that the old water Pui Village brought great wealth to the villagers, the demolition of the rich mythology and not because of rumors disappear. Around the water Pui Village, 100 thousand people lived in this village, there are too many stories, wealth and dreams, sadness and parting with a staged excavators and open water bay village. In Shenzhen land and housing prices under the background of staged stride forward singing militant songs, water Pui Village is the story of a great man and the observation window of a city, and the people of this era. Water Pui Village Old Village transformation, but also a good understanding of the process of urbanization sample. Visit the water Pui Village: a gold jewelry is surrounded by the city in October 27th, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter came to Shenzhen Luohu had put 530 large table Catholic feast "water Pui Village old site, the site has not seen a large Catholic feast. Instead, several excavators were being built, which were roaring. Dozens of workers work hard on the site. Water Pui Village big arch still stands in the west side of the site, the arch on both sides of the book "the water with Huang Luo Qing people Si Changyan, behlen Resort and source day month Ming" antithetical couplet. Before being removed, the village is a typical village in Shenzhen. According to the water Pui Village cunshi records, water Pui Village from the Ming Dynasty Yongle eight years 1410 Li village, has 600 years of history, the earliest ancestor is Zhang Shiyuan of Shenzhen jian. In front of the water Pui Village Church, erected a golden flood water Pui Pui, mouth with a "big pearl", at the entrance of the park, prominently ground also nest with a cement water shell sculpture. The sign and the name of the village imply a certain relationship with jewelry. In fact, the village has long been the village of Shenzhen and the country’s famous gold jewelry industry gathering area, water Pui Village is also known as China’s first jewelry village". BYD reporter walked two road water bay, from here to the water bay village old site only a few hundred meters away, jewelry shops on both sides of the street, a building known as "Jewelry City" name. One is the transformation of the jewelry city by "land" to describe the location, even near the B.Free district residents of the building are made of the jewelry business brand. In this way, the Water Bay Water Bay Road and B.Free road two interwoven small "delta", now almost all the country’s famous gold enterprises are here to set up offices or branches, almost all large jewelers set up a sales point here. At present, the annual production value of water shellfish gold jewelry industry cluster area of more than 100 billion yuan, has gathered.相关的主题文章: