Routine deep! Yixing old nine door Zhang Wei Ting Chen drew anger-aizi

Routine deep! "" Yixing old nine door Zhang Wei Ting drew anger out Sina entertainment news as of now, TV drama "burn" old nine door brain story and stunned many ghost style chase drama buddy. Originally let many people dance for joy II reunion and the wedding is actually the month and create the illusion of the copper, the reality and illusion is difficult to distinguish between the whirling, make a lot of friends lamented me through the long road is the old nine door routines!" The contradiction between this week and Zhang Qishan between the red of February due to the death of girl once again intensified, because they obstruct again the loss of loved putting finally runaway, Zhang Qishan drew anger. "This week," the story of old nine door burning brain degree called the play best, interlocking plot, deep layers of illusion, think back to reality only in the dreamland deeper, let the "old nine door" by Internet users as "old, inception, nine door" title. Think the world of the dead were the girl back to reality and putting together, and the new moon Buddha thought Joe White walled kissing wedding crazy sugar, when the audience is still speculation why the dead girl can survive in the world, saying "everything is illusion" shocked all the people, in the face of such a set of road deep nine "the door", a netizen said: "I really admire writers of the brain hole is bigger than mine". The poor girl with red February Yuanyang this week again pocketed the tears of the audience, when you see the girl in his arms again putting the guard in front of the beautiful time to fling caution to the winds, many of the audience eager girl is really dead, can accompany the master side for a lifetime. But ye fear of putting in too deep, told her not living in the fact that this girl putting in front of. Again his wife grief, brother "betrayed" resentment, let the red February completely runaway. In this section, Zhang Yixing once again showed his acting power, hiding hate teeth, every single word or phrase: "this life bursts of Buddha brothers has been broken, no brothers." It is absolutely ruthless, it is not the heart, even if such a heartache, emotion Shigeyoshi or not putting down nine doors down, brother.相关的主题文章: