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Rio Shanghai players pick 7 gold, the municipal government sent congratulatory messages to Beijing time 16 days morning, Shanghai Paralympic wheelchair racing athletes Zou Lihong in Rio T54 4× the 400 meter relay race, and his teammates with 3 minutes 32 seconds 11 won the championship, breaking the world record of the project. By the Shanghai players Zou Xufeng, Zhou Jingjing and Jiangsu athletes Rong Jing composed of China women’s epee team, won the gold medal in the women’s epee team competition in wheelchair fencing. Shanghai athletes have now harvested 7 gold medals at the Paralympic Games in rio. The 32 year old disabled athletes Zou Lihong, selected in 2009 Shanghai disabled sports training center started his career in sports. She has participated in international and domestic competitions and won many gold and silver medals. This time, she finally won her first Olympic gold medal in her career. A "female swordsman" Zou Xufeng and Zhou Jingjing were harvested second gold medals at the Paralympic games. As of September 16th Beijing time, Shanghai athletes in the Paralympic Games were harvested 7 gold, 4 Silver and 3 copper. In September 15th, Zhou Jingjing and Yao Fang won a silver and a bronze in the women’s foil B – game again. In September 16th, Wang Yanzhang won a silver medal in the 34.15 meters harvest scores in the F34 level javelin game, with Shanghai players for the team Chinese sitting volleyball team to 3 to 0 victory over the Ukraine team took the lead into the final. The fifteenth Paralympic Games China sports delegation on the great Brazil Rio De Janeiro Paralympic Games, Paralympic athletes in our country, unremitting self-improvement courageously, first-class level Triumphant news keeps pouring in., and good psychological quality, achieved performance and spiritual civilization double harvest, fully demonstrated the Chinese people with self-esteem, self-confidence, self-reliance, self image, won the honor for the motherland and the people, on behalf of the people of Shanghai warm congratulations! In the Shanghai Paralympic Games, Paralympic athletes and sports delegation China other athletes together, write one after another in the psalm of life, the interpretation of the indomitable spirit of the pursuit of excellence, which will motivate the majority of the city’s disabled people actively participate in the reform and development of higher levels of well-off life sharing to build, will also inspire people to Shanghai the construction of "four centers" and the socialist modern international metropolis and strive for the realization of "two one hundred year" goal and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream to contribute Chinese. I sincerely wish our Paralympic athletes at the Paralympic Games on their glory! CPC Shanghai Municipal People’s Government of Shanghai September 16, 2016相关的主题文章: