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The right exposure Jianjian high-tech stadium leading domestic golf course design temperature of Tianjin for 50 years the right to health program to celebrate the Chongchao success sina sports 2016 season, Tianjin right to health club a go smoothly from the super league. Chongchao success is certainly gratifying, but after the excitement of a series of super realistic problem to put in front of the right to health club. The first task is how to find ways to access the system through the league. Today, according to the Tianjin Daily reported that Tianjin is ready to build a health club. Currently, the right to use the Haihe River Education Park stadium seats 29000 people, does not meet the super capacity of the standard 30000. Moreover, from the current situation, the right to health is also not easy to use in the Tianjin stadium and water development area TEDA stadium. As a result, the upgrading of the sea is imperative. Fortunately, according to the Chinese Football Association’s access system also has additional provisions, the stadium to meet the requirements of the other, after the approval of the Chinese Football Association, the use of not less than 20000 spectators stadium, for a period of 3 years. As long as the right to reach the super standard in other facilities, as well as the stadium capacity problems there is room for relaxation. Nevertheless, according to the Tianjin Daily reported that the right to health or has begun to build a new stadium. According to the newspaper reporter, the new stadium Quanjian team temporarily named "right Jianmeng Stadium", by the United States HKS International Design Co. Ltd. is responsible for the design of. Dream course to become the world’s fourth thermostatic stadium, after only three countries have thermostatic stadium. "The overall design concept of dream Stadium" from the "dragon", the name of the project as a dragon square, stadium in addition to closing the roof outside. "Leading" place for players to stay, club office, etc.. The Dragon square ground floor area of 200 thousand square meters, underground construction area of 50 thousand square meters. There are 4 training areas outside the stadium, to meet the team’s daily training. According to reports, Tianjin Quan Jian dream stadium is completed, will be at least 50 years ahead of the current domestic stadium design, scientific and technological content. At present, the overall scheme of the stadium has been finalized, no accident, right Jianmeng stadium will be completed in 3 years.相关的主题文章: