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The reporter visited the Beijing pharmacy found new GB masks haze days very rare – Sohu news recently frequent people immersive Wonderland, anti haze masks also became popular again. 1 this month, the first civilian respirator in China National Standard "technical specifications" daily protection masks formally implemented — should be able to wear a mask after inhaled PM2.5 concentration decreased to 75 micrograms per cubic meter, and can be selected according to the different grades of respirator air pollution. Beijing morning news reporter recently visited the super pharmacy and found that the implementation of the new norms mask is still very rare in the market. Experts involved in the development of standards that meet the new standard masks after testing, will continue to appear on the market. Consumers not only want to look at the implementation of the standard, but also pay attention to the protection level, and according to the face to choose a different number. Consumers do not know the mask of the new national standard reporter recently found in pharmacies, daily health care store, masks have become a hot selling goods, was placed in the doorway or cashier conspicuous. The packaging marked "mask type, material, using the method of anti haze function is different, mostly non-woven disposable masks, cotton masks can be replaced after cleaning the filter again, some masks with exhalation valve. The price of each bag mask in 20 to about 40 yuan. Although the national standard national protective mask has been implemented for 5 days, but in the reporter visited the super shop and shop, the vast majority of masks nominal execution standards or GB 2626-2006. Reporters learned that the mandatory national standards for the name of "respiratory protective products from the suction filter particulate respirator". The implementation of the new specification products and no trace. Many pharmacies clerk also said that I had not heard of the new standard masks. The new national standard of protection more intuitive reporter noted that the implementation of this month’s GB T 32610-2016 "daily protection mask" technical specifications is the recommended standard, and its market masks nominal performance standards merits? How do consumers choose masks? To this end, the Beijing morning news reporter contacted the China Textile Industry Association to participate in the development of new standards. Zhao Jinyu, senior engineer of the association, said there had been no air pollution in the environment of the standard civil masks. Currently on the market mask filter efficiency of 90%-95%, which is a very high standard? Zhao Jinyu said that consumers wear masks after the protective effect, and the efficiency of the filter and the design of the mask body, and the degree of facial fit. If the face is not tight, may cause leakage around, can not achieve the desired protective effect." Therefore, the new national standard by the index protection performance is intuitive: wear a mask after PM2.5 can be reduced to a concentration of 75 micrograms per cubic meter below the filtered inhaled air quality to achieve good and above level. Experts suggest that according to the level of protection mask why the market has not yet sold the new standards for the implementation of the mask? Zhao Jinyu said that in order to meet the new standards, some masks have been prepared to do business. From the previous testing situation, some of the company’s products can meet the requirements of the new national standard, these masks will be in the market Lu相关的主题文章: