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Reporters reflect parking charges by officials on the table: no matter I am not afraid of the staff to reporters reflect problems on the table (video screenshot) staff to reporters reflect the problems on the table (video screenshot) Moderator: living in the city, you have not encountered this situation arbitrarily parking fees. Recently, there are people in Shanghai, said that a lot of transportation hub, tourist attractions, as well as the edge of the road will be in charge of parking fees, some random pricing, while others are simply undocumented charges. This reporter is also a reflection of several places for everyone to carry out a centralized investigation visits. Let’s see what’s going on. Commentary: here is a parking lot near the ShangHai Railway Station, not only at the entrance stop signs, also did not see charges. Reporter: how to charge? Toll: 15 hours an hour. Reporter: are there any (Toll) brands? Toll collector: no card, I just charge, master. Reporter: where do you charge? Toll: charges to see you. What do you mean, master?. You 15 hours, you see. When the reporter again asked to show the parking fees, fees personnel said that the parking lot is not allowed to sign to have parking fee. Toll collector: do not give vertical card here. Reporter: parking fees should be in (licensed places). Toll collector: I know, how to do not stand at the entrance of the card? Reporter: it is not allowed. Toll: not allowed to take the money you can tell me, I will go to. Here, we have to charge, not to say that the line will not charge. Reporter: who is this place? Toll collector: this place, the unit is not in this. Reporter: Shanghai railway Peng Peng travel agency. Toll collector: yes. Commentary: in the parking toll on staff lounge, the reporter saw the Shanghai city price check producer charge parking lot price list, above the price with the actual income is not the same as the charge of personnel. Reporter: we have noticed that this place it is the price of this parking block, we now take a look at. It’s a specific standard. Well, as you can see, this standard is now, small car is 5 yuan per hour, but he just received US $15 per hour, that is to say, he took the price of our parking fee of three times. Commentary: in the scene, the reporter also found that the parking lot parking qualification already expired, according to the Shanghai transportation industry record shows that this parking lot fees as before the date is October 31, 2013, which means there are undocumented charges for three years. A parking lot in the ShangHai Railway Station South Square, also did not see the stop sign price tag. Reporter: how much is it an hour? Toll: 10 for one hour. Reporter: you have not crossed here? Toll collector: This is the bus line, you listen to me on the command line. Commentary: in accordance with the regulations, the parking lot can only stop the bus, but now stop.相关的主题文章: