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Home-Improvement Cleaning your concrete periodically and keeping it safe with the right concrete cleaners are the key .ponents of any good maintenance program. How often you clean your concrete will largely depend on the conditions the concrete is exposed to, especially sunlight intensity, weather extremes, and the amount of vehicle traffic. You can ask your concrete contractor to re.mend cleaning products appropriate for cleaning concrete, asphalt, stone & any other type of driveway, sidewalk and walkway. Concrete is porous holds dirt, tree sap, rust stains, mineral stains, to sink deep down making it tough to clean with just soap and water. To clean concrete effectively, you must use a professional grade cleaner made exclusively for cleaning concrete. A wide variety of concrete cleaners are available that are custom-made to clean or remove oil and grease stains, dirt, paint stains and rust stains from concrete surfaces. Understanding what these cleaners do and how they work can save your time and money on cleaning project. Today there are multitudes of cleaners to choose from. There are the special types of concrete cleaners targeting specific types of contamination and dirt in a wide variety of environmental conditions. Once you find the cleaner that works, you will cut your time for concrete maintenance in half. How they work: As you might expect, concrete cleaners contain chemicals as the active ingredient. They .e in ready-to-use formulations and are applied directly to the contaminated portion. Patience to scrub the floor with the cleaner to get rid of ugly stains is critical for good results. A .mon mistake when using concrete cleaners is to not allow enough time for the cleaner to work. Depending on the type and depth of the stains, multiple applications may be required, to get the expected results. The high alkalinity of these cleaners emulsifies, or breaks down, the oily contamination. The other application for alkaline cleaners is to neutralize concrete surfaces after acid staining or acid cleaning. They are economical too, since 1 gallon of cleaner fully diluted will treat approximately 4,000 square feet of concrete. When to use them: These types of cleaners are primarily designed to remove stains, oil, grease, dirt, hydrocarbon stains, and contamination that are soluble in an acidic solution. They are highly effective for removing an insoluble metallic salt that appears as a crystalline residue on the concrete surface that will not wash away in plain water. Cleaning driveways and walk paths are an important part of every property cleanup that should never be overlooked again. You get the benefit of presenting your place to visitors and clients as a well kept dwelling along with the bonus of being greeted by a place you will be proud to call your own. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: