Red net for famous live Hornets was stung into the ICU (Figure) (video)-christie stevens

Red net for famous live Hornets was stung into the ICU (Figure) Jiang Bo was in the hospital of Chongqing evening news anchor can be popular Chuiladanchang or giggle and flirt on the screen? Wrong! In order to suck powder, someone will do something crazy. The day before, a 29 year old boy Dazu District in order to let the live more fire risk to the hornets. Jiang Bo do live more than 3 months, in the online small fame. A few days ago, his friend fishing was a wasp sting, heard some worry, Jiang Bo is feeling themselves: do a Hornets broadcast drama, first broadcast in the Hornets, the second sets of live pupae to eat. The evening of October 4th, Jiang Bo and other 6 people spent 500 yuan to rent a crane to the hornet’s nest under the tree. He put on his motorcycle helmet, put on his raincoat, and stood on the crane to the top of the 30 meter tall tree. After a short time, the companion will listen to Chiang wave shouted: "put me down quickly, not to live." Crane down, Jiang Bo has fallen into a coma, rushed to the nearby hospital. After examination, from entering the hornet’s trousers, on Jiang Bo bite wound 37. Subsequently, Jiang Bo transferred to the intensive care unit. Yesterday, Jiang Bo’s friend, said Yin Zhujun, still in the intensive care unit of the hospital, the treatment fee has been $. Jiang Bo’s live account operating more than 3 months, and the cooperation of the 3 friends, earn more than 3000 yuan per month. In the evening after there are 3 main reasons: the sky is dark, the hornet’s nest position is too high, no professional protective equipment. Chongqing Cancer Hospital Director General Department Wang Shengqiang said that since the autumn from many hospitals by wasp sting patients. Bee stings can use alkalescent solution (such as 3% 2~3% ammonia, sodium bicarbonate, soapy water, light lime water flushing, etc.) apply to neutralize the acid toxin. Is a weak acid solution with wasp sting (such as vinegar, 0.1% hydrochloric acid and etc.). With a small needle or tape paste, pull out the sting of a bee, do not squeeze. Symptoms quickly sent to hospital. Chongqing evening news reporter to see Jiang Bo’s live account found that Jiang Bo had done a few times to take the horse honeycomb live, there are 15 thousand fans. Jiang Bo accident this video, there are 11 thousand viewing. Chongqing evening news trainee reporter Yang Hua die! Men when net red chili oil mengguan live drink large risks.相关的主题文章: