Recently, autumn dryness patients increased by 20% experts conditioning to

Recently Qiuzao patients increased 20% to symptomatic conditioning experts: 50 year old aunt Lee since autumn always felt uncomfortable, "always feel thirsty, especially at night, dry mouth get tongue greasy and dry, toss about can’t sleep." Aunt Lee said that this time the poor mental state. Hubei Provincial Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital disease diagnosis center Professor Xu Wenhua Aunt Li belongs to yin deficiency of liver and kidney, there will be hot, dry mouth, body aches and other symptoms, and the effect of autumn climate, her symptoms have increased. Xu Wenhua, like aunt Lee this kind of dry mouth, insomnia, body aches, constipation, since the beginning of autumn outpatient increased by about 20%, most of them are caused by dryness in autumn. In fact, autumn dryness is not a disease, patients feel the body is not good, but there is no organic disease, it has a great relationship with the weather. Cooler autumn weather, the body moisture easily closed meridians, cold dampness in closed canopy Yang and heat, thereby forming a cold heat. "Qiuzao divided into warm dry and cool dry, usually people warm dry red tongue, hands heart fever, less moss moss or dry, cool and dry the cold hands and feet, pale red tongue, thin white fur dry. Qiuzao by proper diet, routine conditioning can alleviate the symptoms. To maintain peace of mind, positive emotions, to bed early, sleep good afternoon nap". (Hu Mengwan Ling Xiang) at the equinox, the cold air has become increasingly active, the temperature difference between day and night, many people feel that the lips, dry skin, body heat, experts suggest that careful Qiuzao wounding. According to reports, Hubei Provincial Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital outpatient Disease Center recently Qiuzao patients increased by about 20%. [tip] "five drink juice" Dispelling warm dryness: take root cut, pear, water chestnuts, lotus root, ophiopogon root juice, five kinds of ingredients in the proportion of 1:1, adding water, drinking 200ML will be around. Used with caution in patients with diabetes. "Wen Burun dry tea" and cool dryness: ginseng, medlar, Ophiopogon japonicus, longan water drinking, every day about 200ML. The body heat of people with caution.

近日“秋燥”患者增加20% 专家:调理要对症50岁的李阿姨自入秋以来一直觉得身体不舒服,“总是觉得口干,特别是晚上,口干得舌头发腻、燥热,翻来覆去睡不着。”李阿姨说,这段日子精神状态很差。湖北省中医院治未病中心徐文华教授诊断李阿姨属于肝肾阴虚,会出现口干、燥热、肌体酸痛等不适症状,加上秋季气候影响,她的症状有所加重。徐文华介绍,像李阿姨这类口干、失眠、全身酸痛、便秘的患者,自立秋以来门诊增加了20%左右,大部分都是秋燥引起的。其实秋燥并不是疾病,患者觉得身体状况不好,但是并没有器质性的疾病,这与天气有很大的关系。秋季天气转凉,人体湿气容易郁闭经络,寒气外闭,湿邪在里郁闭阳气而化热,从而形成外寒内热的情况。“秋燥分为温燥和凉燥”,通常温燥的人舌质红、手脚心发热、少苔或者苔干,凉燥的人手脚发凉、舌质淡红、苔薄白干燥。秋燥通过合理的饮食、作息调理就能缓解症状。要保持神志安宁,情绪积极,要早睡早起,睡好“子午觉”。(胡梦 万凌翔)时值秋分,冷空气开始日渐活跃,昼夜温差大,不少人觉得口唇、皮肤干燥,体内燥热,专家提示,要当心“秋燥”伤人。据介绍,湖北省中医院治未病中心近期门诊“秋燥”患者增加了20%左右。【小贴士】“五饮汁”祛温燥:取芦根切块,梨、荸荠、鲜藕、麦冬榨汁,五种食材按照1:1的比例,加适量水,每天饮用200ML左右即可。糖尿病患者慎用。“温补润燥茶”祛凉燥:取西洋参、枸杞、麦冬、桂圆泡水饮用,每天200ML左右。湿热体质的人慎用。相关的主题文章: