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[reading] can not resist the charm of the game – "super fun games" – Sohu mother can not resist the charm of the game "super fun games" read by 1980 green beans produced by a wide expanse of mist-covered waters this bookshop "super fun games" is a very practical parent-child game collection, the book includes 100 to learn the game, with the theory of knowledge, pictures, watch videos, scan the QR code on the text and "wisdom mother tips" in many ways, the most easy for parents to teach and education function of the parent-child game. When a small child, mother, mother whispered softly touching singing, mother is a natural child to start doing different "game". Wait until the children grow up a little bit, will speak, this time the purpose of the game is stronger, parents are conscious to do some children’s attention, attention to the imagination of the game. However, there is a lack of some basic theoretical knowledge, or the systematic development of the game, the parent-child interaction will be slightly confused. As long as the parents have to learn a lot of a lot of road, fighting! "Super parent-child games," this book is a systematic, targeted to help parents more convenient, more professional control of their children’s various problems to play the game skills book. The purpose is to let the readers know more about the practice, purpose and function of the game. From the shallower to the deeper become a professional good mom and dad would play games. I often play games my baby when I was small, in addition to the nursery rhymes, Tang poetry, especially love to play hide and seek, hide in the quilt to let other people get bored, every time, there are always children cried again, once again, laughter with house, at that time really very happy. There is also a game that is similar to the book, the child on the sheets to shake. The game is really tired of their parents, the children are not happy. When reading this book to see Dr. Lee’s explanation, slowly understand why children are so happy. His mood is a reason: feel secure, excitement and love my parents. The author of this book is the concept of: the use of the game’s repair and treatment functions to help children build up their emotions, enhance attention, imagination and self-confidence, the development of a healthy parent-child relationship, Li Jie. The book is divided into six parts: to promote family parent-child games, emotional sort family games, improve the ability of expression, enhance the quality of parent-child play attention family games, enhance self-confidence, promote creativity of the parent-child game fun games. Do not want to play up the game, there is no magic, can let the child better face the outside world, in the face of kindergarten teachers and classmates and friends of their neighbors. So the game is not only fun, but also up knowledge, we learn from the book to help us better understand the theory of interaction with the child, and better grow up with their children. Do you know why you play games? Play what kind of game? Post game harvest! No longer limited to the impetuous play, combined with the contents of this book, when we play a good game, the parents have more confidence, you can rest assured that the children face the unknown, after all, we can not always accompany them.相关的主题文章: