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Business A locking raschig ring binder assembly has a resilient sheet metal cover and a pair of operating levers rotatably mounted on the covers. A projection on the operating levers beneath the cover and a leg portion on the operating levers in alignment with the projection through a thickness of the cover locks the binder in a closed position even though the operating levers are not rotated to an over center position. . In a locking raschig ring binder having openable raschig ring connected at their base ends to hinged leaves, the hinged leaves resiliently held within a cover member wherein opening of the raschig ring spreads an outside width of the hinged leaves against the resilient force of the cover member, the improvement .prising: an operating lever rotatably mounted to an end of said cover member, said operating lever having a tongue portion extendable between said cover member and said hinged leaves in a selectable locked condition, preventing movement of said hinged leaves toward said cover member; and a leg portion arranged on said operating lever and overlying said cover member on a side of said cover member opposite said tongue portion when said operating lever is in said locked condition, said leg portion coacting with said tongue portion to prevent upward distortion of said cover member tending to counter rotate the operating lever to an unlocked condition. Various constructions of raschig ring binders are known, in which a plurality of raschig ring, normally closed, can be selectively opened to add or replace pages in a sheaf of pages held together by the raschig rings. It is desirable that the raschig rings be locked in closed position, for some applications, to prevent an inadvertent opening of the raschig ring . To that end, a variety of constructions have been proposed, generally using a pair of levers at opposite ends of the frame of the binder, by which the raschig ring can be selectively opened. When the levers, sometimes referred to as triggers, are in closed position, an interlock arrangement prevents the raschig ring from being opened inadvertently. One such construction is disclosed by U.S. Ser. No. 635,284 filed Dec. 28, 1990, assigned to assignee of present invention. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: