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Ramos: after Casey Asensio was surprised worthy of the national team Casey staged an interview with Ramos brave God saves bujiandangnian Tencent sports news August 30th France the European Cup, Bosco resigned from the post of the head coach of the national team, Lopez Terje took over. After Lopez Terje announced the first list of their own, the Real Madrid defender Ramos Casillas (data) was a surprise, but also said the club teammate Asensio ought to be in. Spain will play against Belgium and Lithuania, the first two games since Lopez Terje took office. In the first list announced by Lopez Terje, Iniesta (data) absent because of injury, Casillas and Fabregas had defeated the accident. Talking about the selection of Lopez Terje, Ramos expressed regret, "this one has created a history of the banner of the players have not been recruited into the list, let us all surprised, he was the first captain of the us. In casiglia and I talked for a long time, but you must respect the manager’s decision." The Spanish national team from the Bosco era of transition to loppert Kyrgyzstan era, Ramos said, "in the new era after exchange transfusion, the Spanish national team started, we all look forward to. We have to be patient and ensure that the coach’s ideas are delivered to the court in the best possible way. He has a belief that he will be back on track. I talked to him and I’m happy to start a new chapter in the Spanish national team with Lopez Terje." In this list, including 5 Real Madrid players, 4 Basa (official website data) players, Real Madrid players for the first time in a long time more than the players in the Basa. "It’s good news for a lot of Madrid, because it shows that we have done well at the club," Ramos said." Real Madrid star Asensio has also been recruited into the Spanish national team for the first time, said Ramos, his efforts have been rewarded, and the performance of the excellent Asensio." (Obail)相关的主题文章: