Quanzhou, a man mistakenly swallow 7 cm toothpick doctor actually let people buy condoms-marie digby

A Quanzhou man swallowed 7 cm toothpick doctor unexpectedly to buy condoms in bad news network November 3rd, goes to swallow a toothpick, the doctor for help. If the doctor took the condom to help problem-solving, you will not be confused? Yesterday, deputy director of Quanzhou southeast hospital physician Xu Pengfei to restore the scene at the time. It happened on the morning of October 24th. The weekend playing mahjong is a joy, the public Mr. Shen an inattentive, even the belly swallowed a toothpick! 7 cm long, and two sharp toothpick swallowed, think about all that terrible. Mr. Shen waited two days also can not natural toothpick excreted, until October 24th, before he found the doctor, said his stomach pain. Mr. Shen in the help of gastroscope soon discovered. Doctor Xu Pengfei said, Mr. Shen will swallow the toothpick to the body of the stomach, the stomach is also a middle position. The meat is thick, the toothpick stuck is not good. In fact if the toothpick move down, not necessarily better. Because the gut is thin, much more likely to go down the camber, intestinal injury. But if you do not first to deal with toothpicks removed, thin toothpicks may fall because of not live clip, after stenosis of the esophagus and throat, can also cause damage, accidentally have to stir up a lot of trouble. Fortunately, Dr. Xu experienced, he immediately thought of a way, please present my colleagues to help to a nearby convenience store to buy condoms. Use a condom in gastroscope head end, using foreign body forceps tip will hold a toothpick, toothpick into the condom. That is to say, the toothpick in the bag, take out the process that ran out what cause. The people listening all the pain. But Dr. Xu said, should not hurt. Mr. Shen called anesthesia was asleep, the whole process of 5 minutes. When the digestion physician for 20 years, Xu Pengfei saw a lot of foreign body ingestion, what the child swallowed the belly of the stationery, toys; eat fish, eat poultry accidentally swallow it; and the suspect swallowed the keys, rings, scissors, screw what, it should be as. Dr. Xu to remind you: don’t swallow foreign luck, foreign body pierced the organs, things will be big. The best way, only one, that is the rapid medical treatment. (Hoi reporter Wu Yuefang Tian meters)

泉州一男子误吞7厘米牙签 医生竟让人去买避孕套   闽南网11月3日讯 糟糕,牙签吞肚里,得赶紧找医生帮忙呀。可如果医生拿出避孕套帮忙解难,你会不会一头雾水?昨天,泉州东南医院消化内科徐鹏飞副主任医师还原了当时场景。   事情就发生在10月24日上午。周末打麻将太欢乐,市民沈先生一不留神,竟然把牙签吞肚子里了!长达7厘米,又两头尖的牙签吞进胃里,想想都觉得可怕。沈先生等了两天也没能将牙签自然排出体外,直到10月24日,他才找到医生,说自己胃痛。   沈先生的情况在胃镜的帮助下很快就查明了。徐鹏飞医生说,沈先生将牙签吞到了胃体部,也就是胃的中间位置。这个地方肉比较厚,牙签扎进去就不好动弹了。事实上如果牙签往下挪,也不见得更好。因为肠道比较薄,弯度多,往下走更可能损伤肠道。但是如果不先将牙签加以处理就取出,细细的牙签可能因夹不住而掉落,经过狭窄的食道和咽喉,也会造成损伤,一不小心就得惹出许多麻烦事来。   还好徐医生经验丰富,他马上想到了一个办法——请在场的同事帮忙到附近便利店买避孕套。用避孕套套在胃镜头端,用异物钳夹住牙签的尖头,将牙签收进避孕套内。也就是说,把牙签收入囊中,免得取出的过程又跑来跑去生出什么祸端。这个过程旁人听着都疼。可是徐医生说,应该不疼吧。沈先生打了麻醉当时都睡着了呢,整个过程5分钟就结束了。   当消化内科医生20年,徐鹏飞见过很多吞入异物的情况,什么孩子吞进肚子里的文具、玩具;吃鱼、吃鸡鸭不小心把骨头吞进去了;还有犯罪嫌疑人吞钥匙、戒指、剪刀、螺丝什么的,简直应有尽有。徐医生提醒大家:吞入异物别心存侥幸,异物划破了器官,事就更大了。最好的办法,只有一个,那就是迅速就医。(海都记者 吴月芳 田米)相关的主题文章: