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Qiao Renliang after depression suicide seven hospital outpatient patients 20%-30% put down the phone away from the network is good for your disease the news of suicide because of depression and suicide has not stopped fermentation. This is not the entertainment, but the hospital. Outpatient volume suddenly increased, new patients increased by 20%-30%. Last week, the clinic, off time are delayed more than two hours." The Seventh People’s Hospital of Hangzhou City, a special look at the sleep and depression of Dr. Yin Yan told newspaper reporters that the money, this is not about the increased workload, but I hope we can have a correct understanding of depression, "Qiao Renliang is just one example, the outcome is not only his choice of patients with depression." Mr. Chen is Yin Yan’s new patient. More than and 30 years old, although very handsome, but the whole popularity of color is very poor, very haggard. "Doctor, after Qiao Renliang came out, I found it very easy to get sick. I can’t sleep well. I can’t sleep well now. Am I seriously ill?" Mr. Chen is very worried. Mr. Chen is a very responsible person. After his wife gave birth to the child, night night is Mr. Chen’s thing, feeding, changing diapers. A long time, Mr. Chen’s sleep is getting worse. Now the child is 2 years old, turn to take care of his wife. Originally thought to put down the burden can finally get a good sleep, but I do not want to sleep more and more serious Chen, every night will wake up, then no longer sleep. After reading the news of Qiao Renliang, he began to doubt himself. "He is starting from a bad sleep, and now I sleep so bad, is it already belongs to the latter part of the depression?" Another young girl is more serious. There are more than and 10 marks on the wrist, but also eat more than and 20 pills, fortunately the family discover saved. The new patient said, there is a part of your patients, make people difficult. "There are two patients, after treatment has improved, I am ready to give them to reduce the drug, I did not expect to listen to the news to me, sleep all night, the next will be their own suicide." For this situation, Yin Yan very helpless. "Depression is not an incurable disease. Do not think of themselves as a result of individual cases, as long as a good treatment can be cured." Yin Yan said. Yin Yan said that many people were "fallacies" from the network, the impact of the information about the original dragons and fishes jumbled together, very anxious people, will automatically choose the negative news. So, it is better to put down the phone, away from the network, for the treatment of patients is good."相关的主题文章: