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"Pursuit of happiness" cerebral palsy twins father sell rice – Sohu   entertainment; the twin sisters came to Mr Lei helping entertainment news in late September 23rd 21:25 Sohu, Tianjin satellite TV, "pursuit of happiness" in a series of ill fated Sun Xiaodong on life, out of the medical treatment for the twin daughter with cerebral palsy. More than ten years to seek experienced numerous hardships and dangers in Beijing, and his wish is to promote their own shop, have more money to help the children to cure. Sun Xiaodong’s home in Heilongjiang, a small mountain village, once the happy family from the beginning of 1994, suffered a series of bad luck, his father suffering from schizophrenia, mother, sister has suffered from cancer. Sun Xiaodong married, his wife early gave birth to twin daughters, originally thought that doom ended unexpectedly, shortly after the birth of a child, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, his wife cried all day, leaving a letter to Sun Xiaodong after running away from home. Six years after the baptism of the fate of Sun Xiaodong alone with two cerebral palsy daughter embarked on the road to medical treatment in Beijing. Sun Xiaodong mentioned once in the past, still unable to suppress the excitement, he recalls: "my mother was a variety of diseases together is very painful, but in order to save money to treat the child, she can only use alcohol wipe the wound, the time of death is also prepared for me less than one thousand dollars to Beijing. The child treatment spent all their savings at home, our family every day only to sleep on a bench in the park, life is not forthcoming." Now Sun Xiaodong shop business is not good, every day engaged in rice very few orders, each bag of rice to earn two dollars, the child’s treatment costs and hospital expenses still make ends meet. Song Haiying said: "Sun Xiaodong is a great father, I would like to support the business of his shop, and give two children a computer to help them learn a good shop operating knowledge." 21:25 tonight, Tianjin TV "happiness to knock" wonderful show.相关的主题文章: