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Public security video management should not ignore the individual demands – public interest – People’s public security video information is both a public information, but also a kind of government information, and therefore can not ignore the demands of the public view. Guangzhou City days before ———————————————————- revised the Guangzhou city public security video system management regulations "has been implemented for 9 years. Among them, the concern is the new provisions of the "emergency access": personal personal and property rights have been violated, in case of emergency, can view information about the public security monitoring system, but not copy and transfer. Public security video system using units should be registered to view the personnel identity information to give positive cooperation. After the establishment of the public security video system in the people’s daily, September 7th, it has played an active role in the fight against crime, public security, social management, and serving the people’s livelihood. In the absence of national video surveillance management regulations, Guangzhou city in the form of local government regulations for the formation of this system is undoubtedly an active exploration. It is installed in the main body, clear video monitoring setup, data management etc. at the same time, the Guangzhou rules through "emergency access" taking into account the rights of individuals. Admittedly, the information recorded by the public security video system has a strong privacy and confidentiality. However, it rejected all personal check monitoring request, rather be beneath the human character. If it increases personal losses, it will inevitably make people complain. In real life, loss of valuables, child abducted, old man lost and other cases have occurred, allowing individuals to view the monitor can solve problems more easily. Public security video system is for public management services, but its service object is often limited to law enforcement, but failed to benefit the general public. The reason is that there is no clear legal norms to determine whether individuals have the right to view monitoring. As a result, some of the things that could have been controlled continue to escalate, and some of the losses that can be recovered are magnified. In both public security and privacy at the same time, for those who change suddenly "lenient", not only embodies a humane system, and is also a public security monitoring system directly reflects the service function. Guangzhou public security video system management regulations in the form of law gives the public the right to view monitoring. Of course, any right is a boundary, to view the monitoring, the public’s access to information is limited to emergency, but also the identity of the information must be registered, thus avoiding the abuse of access. Since then, the public security organs can not shirk responsibility to "no personal grounds open", which itself is a powerful measure to get rid of the mystery of law enforcement. Public security video data is not only a kind of public information, but also a kind of government information. However, allowing personal access will inevitably increase the pressure of public security organs. In order to implement good governance, to formulate rules, clear responsibility. As a new thing相关的主题文章: