Provincial inspection teams to listen to the leadership of the second round of inspections lm3886

Provincial inspection work leading group to listen to the second round of inspections this year reported the newspaper news (reporter correspondent Yang Jiangwei sweet) on September 27th to 28, the provincial inspection work leading group held the second round of this year’s meeting, listen to the provincial inspection work report of inspection problems found clues preliminary treatment advice, arrangements for the next step. Provincial Party committee, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, the provincial inspection team leader Guo Yongping presided over the meeting and delivered a speech. Provincial Party committee, provincial Party Committee Organization Department, deputy director of the provincial inspection team leader Mao Wanchun attended and spoke. Guo Yongping after listening to the provincial twelve inspection teams report said after the inspection teams in accordance with the deployment requirements of the central and provincial, and carry out the work, and resolutely implement the political inspection requirements, adhere to the problem oriented, take practical action to practice the loyalty of clean, better completion of the current round of inspections, the inspection "sword" role play. Guo Yongping stressed the need to establish a sense of political and general awareness, and resolutely implement the central political inspection requirements, do a good job of the next inspection tour. Want to do a good job of feedback, the rectification of the responsibility of compaction. In order to improve the problem clues handed over, be clear base, the time limit for the account of Ming and accountability measures. Timely public inspection, and actively respond to social concerns, to create a good atmosphere for inspection and supervision. To strengthen the patrol work leading to the city and county Party committees and some provincial departments, actively build the province, city and county three patrol patrol work integration pattern. Mao Wanchun stressed the need to increase awareness of efforts to strengthen supervision and inspection. To strengthen the "Four Consciousness" work hard, and resolutely implement the political inspection and "learn to do one thing" requirements of the two. To work on the characteristics of the spirit of the implementation of the provisions of the central eight and cadres style construction as the focus of the inspection work, implement the provincial Party committee, the three mechanisms". In order to implement the rectification efforts to ensure that each question, clues and suggestions implemented. In order to consolidate and enhance efforts, and actively explore the inherent rules patrol inspection, and constantly improve the efficiency and level of inspections.相关的主题文章: