Profits nanzu gold upward trend has hit 1130 to 1150 market

Profits nanzu gold upward trend has hit 1130 investors look to the 1150 FX168 hearing on Tuesday (February 2nd) the price of gold hit $1130 an ounce three month high, then although the fall from the level, but the days of stable performance, closed up slightly. The decline in crude oil prices and concerns about global growth make the hedging demand continue to support the performance of gold. However, after hitting 1130, gold traders failed to maintain the 200 day moving average of $1129 ounce, and traders’ profits once made gold reach the intraday low of $1122 ounce. Danske Bank (Danske Bank) senior analyst Jens Pedersen said: "in the short term, the gold market is from central banks last week’s dovish performance for support, mainly is the Federal Reserve and the Bank of japan." Last week, the Fed’s FOMC meeting maintained interest rates and declared a dovish vote, making the market expect a change in the Fed’s interest rate hike this year. The Bank of Japan unexpectedly made a decision on negative interest rates, shaking the market. However, due to the possibility of raising interest rates by the Federal Reserve in March, the gold uplink is limited. Julius Baer (Julius Baer) analyst Carsten Menke said: "in the next few weeks the price of gold rose to $1150 an ounce is entirely possible, and then to see how the stock market." Menke believes that the current environment is clearly supporting the price of gold in the short term. Crude oil prices continued to drop sharply on Tuesday, and the stock market was affected, driving demand for hedging. The United States WTI March crude oil futures fell on Tuesday 5.50%. London, March Brent crude futures fell on Tuesday 4.44%. The talks held between Russia and OPEC may provide some support for oil prices, but the hope of reducing production is still very slim. At the same time, the market’s concerns and supply increase for energy consuming countries are continuing to depress the market. European stock markets tumbled after falling oil prices. Ftseurofirst 300 index Tuesday fell 2.18%; the FTSE 100 index fell on Tuesday 1.94%; French CAC40 index fell on Tuesday 2.62%; the German DAX 30 index fell on Tuesday 2.38%. In addition, the data released by the European statistics agency (Eurostat) showed that the unemployment rate in the euro area dropped from 10.5% in November to 10.4% in December, the lowest since September 2011. The euro was boosted by buying, rising to 1.0939 against the dollar, rebounding for two consecutive trading days. In addition, LBMA announced on Tuesday the price of precious metals this year, the survey shows that analysts expect the first half of this year, the average price of gold $1091 ounce, the annual average price of $1103 ounce, an increase of 1.1% compared to the same period. Beijing time 06:20, spot gold quoted $1128.6 ounce. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

获利了结难阻黄金上行趋势 1130已触后市望向1150   FX168讯 周二(2月2日)金价一度触及1130美元 盎司的三个月新高,此后虽然自该水平回落,但日内表现稳定,小幅收涨。原油价格的下跌和对全球增长的担忧使得避险需求继续支撑着黄金的表现。   不过在触及1130的水平之后,由于金价没能维持住200日均线水平1129美元 盎司,交易员们的获利了结一度使得金价触及1122美元 盎司的日内低点。   丹斯克银行(Danske Bank)高级分析师Jens Pedersen表示:“短期而言,黄金市场正从央行们上周的鸽派表现寻求支撑,主要就是美联储和日本央行。”   上周美联储FOMC会议维持利率,并且声明偏鸽派,使得市场对今年美联储加息预期出现改变。而日本央行则意外的做出负利率的决定,震动市场。   然而,由于3月美联储依然有可能加息,因此黄金上行受到限制。   宝盛银行(Julius Baer)分析师Carsten Menke表示:“在未来几周金价上涨到1150美元 盎司是完全可能的,然后就要看股市怎么样了。”   Menke认为,目前的环境显然在短期内是对金价有所支撑的。   周二日内原油价格继续大幅走低,股市也受到影响,推动避险需求。   美国WTI原油3月期货周二收跌5.50%。伦敦方面,布伦特原油3月期货周二收跌4.44%。俄罗斯与OPEC举行会谈的可能为油价提供了一些支撑,不过合作减产希望依然非常渺茫,同时市场对能源消费大国中国的担忧和供应增加都在继续打压市场。   受油价下滑影响,欧洲股市全线重挫。泛欧绩优300指数周二收跌2.18%;英国FTSE 100指数周二收跌1.94%;法国CAC40指数周二收跌2.62%;德国DAX 30指数周二收跌2.38%。   另外,欧盟统计局(Eurostat)公布的数据显示,欧元区12月份失业率从11月的10.5%,下降至10.4%,创下2011年9月以来最低。   欧元受到买需提振,兑美元震荡走高至1.0939,连续两个交易日反弹走高。   此外,LBMA在本周二公布了对今年贵金属价格的预期,调查显示,分析师们预计,今年上半年黄金均价1091美元 盎司,全年均价1103美元 盎司,同比将有1.1%的涨幅。   北京时间06:20,现货黄金报价1128.6美元 盎司。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: