private Lending High Roi Earn Highest Interest Rates-nrf905 888 756 0666 Private Lending high roi yield Private lending best cd rates Low deposit returns and the stock market got you down? Want to start making a safe, much better and higher ROI? Become a Private Lender! Private money lending investment company offering Highest Interest Paid on Your Deposits. Visit us for private LENDING loans, private mortgage loans, private lending, private money lending. Now Earn Up to 5 Times! the Highest Interest Bank Yields on Your Deposits! Stop Low Interest Rates on Your Deposits! Highest Interest Paid on Your Deposits – Earn Up to 5 Times the Highest Bank Yearly Interest on Your Money! OCF Private Lending … Eliminating and Reducing Banks and Corporate Middlemen! Become an OCF Private Lender and Get a Much Better, Higher ROI Than at Any Bank!… Safely Earn Up to 5 Times the *Highest Yield Bank Interest On Your Deposits! *As published daily at Bank Rate’s High Yield Rates As an OCF Private Lender You Get a Much Better, Higher ROI Than at Any Bank!… Safely Earn Up to 5 Times the *Highest Yield Bank Interest On Your Deposits! *As published daily at Bank Rate’s High Yield Rates Check out what is the Highest Interest Rate being paid right now! Multiply it times 5 and that could be your return with OCF Private Lending! Stop Losing Money! Check it out! Do it Now! Objective OCF’s goal is to provide our Private Lenders with secure, high-yield investment alternatives that generate a predictable monthly income and diversification within their investment portfolios. Our Private Lenders’ loans are: * Solely fixed high interest rate mortgage loans * With extremely low loan to value (LTV)* ratios * High equity and, * Positive cash flow. Our investment properties are located throughout the US. How OCF Private Lending Works… OCF has two different programs: A) Our Secured Lending Program for Lenders able to fund loans of at least $50,000 and, B) Our Investment Fund Program designed with the smaller investor in mind able to fund at least $5000. In our Secured Lending Program Investors may fund the purchase of their choice of professionally managed specific properties as first lien holders. Our Investment Fund is for smaller investors able manage the funding of $5,000 Corporate Notes. Our investments are safe and secured by already generating positive cash flow residential and commercial real estate properties. Our business model is straightforward Step 1. You place your Private Lender loan dollars with OCF. Step 2. With your money OCF lends to home or commercial property buyers/borrowers secured extremely low LTV high interest mortgage loans. Step 3. The borrowers pay their monthly payment to OCF. Step 4. OCF pays monthly dividends to its Private Lenders. OCF Private Lenders are always in complete control. You choose the term and rate of return of your loan. Your periodic income is paid as you select; monthly, quarterly, etc., including accruing your interest so as to compound your return on investment. Your Principal is paid at the expiration of your selected term: 6 months, 2 or 5 years. *LTV: Loan amount divided by the appraised property value Say Goodbye to Low Returns on Your Deposits! Yes, once and for all say goodbye to low returns on your deposits, risky stock market investments, etc., and say hello to much higher paying ROI in safe, real estate secured Private Lender loans. With OCF, You ARE the Bank! Compare the Difference! Current Banking Industry Sample High Interest Returns Average Bank High Yield Rate 6Months: 1.23% x Annum – 2 Yrs: 2.00% x Annum – 5 Yrs: 3.05%x Annum VS OCF’s Private Lending Program Annualized Returns Your OCF Loan 6Months: 6.15% x Annum – 2 Yrs: 10.00% x Annum – 5 Yrs: 15.25% x Annum With the present crisis and recession, corporate accounting scandals, the horrid stock market plunge, and present insecurity, many savvy investors now place their hard earned investment money in real estate. With OCF you too can place money as a Private Lender in passive, safe, secure real-estate-backed investments for a much higher ROI (Return on investment), without the normal headaches that go with investment properties. You don’t even need to have extra time or a lot of knowledge to get started right now. We’re experienced professionals who’ve created a unique and successful business with a built-in profitable exit strategy unlike any other in our industry. We only Buy on Demand and way below market value homes in various locations, condition and price ranges and then rent or, preferably and most commonly, Lease – Option them for 2 years maximum to our existing Clients making sure that considerable equity remains in the subject property in case of any default. We specialize in helping homeowners obtain relief from the pressure caused by foreclosure proceedings on their homes for which they’ll do just about anything to keep but can no longer afford by the current mortgage crisis. We’ve created a 5-way-win situation out of the difficult present economic hardship; 1. We help the subject property’s neighborhood and community by preventing the ravages of foreclosure; abandonment, disrepair, decreasing property values, etc. which means they’ll stay better neighborhoods. 2. We help clients in foreclosure problems and also help credit challenged New Buyers, who need good, safe housing, achieve the American Dream of homeownership even in this credit-restricted times. As described above once they hire us we’ll Buy Upon Their Demand any property, including their own in foreclosure proceedings, which we then lease-option back to them under our Lease-Option Program. 3. We help Banks/Lenders be rid of one more toxic asset through our short-sale purchases which they’re happy to do and, 5. We help Private Lenders get their money working earning a good, safe, much higher interest income that will maximize their investment dollars while minimizing their risk. By working with private lenders directly we’ve been able to cut out the "middle man" — the banks. Why should you be paid only a measly, paltry interest on your hard-earned money when you can earn as much as the banks? Please take your time analyzing our program and website. It will tell you who we are, what we do and how we can make you earn so much more. We’ll put your funds to work earning up to 5 Times the *Highest Yield Bank Interest On Your Deposits in our secured, real-estate-backed, low risk, high return program…. With OCF Private lending You can be the Bank! Please read our FAQs Put Your Funds to Work Now! The Minimum Private Loan in our Program is $5,000. The maximum is determined by a subject property’s purchase price. You may fund the full price to acquire as many properties as we issue offerings on. Your loan return can be up to 5 times the Highest Yield Rate paid on Certificates of Deposit by the Banking Industry for comparable terms of; 6 months, 2 or 5 years as published daily at Bank Rate’s High Yield Rates. In our Private Lending Program there are NO commissions or sales loads taken out of your loan dollars. Additionally, should you need to liquidate we DO NOT charge an early withdrawal fee as do many banks. However, we ask that you do advise us forty-five days in advance, in writing, if circumstances require you to liquidate your loan. Your loan is always secured in several ways: By OCF’s Secured Corporate Promissory Note. By a first lien on the subject property if only your loan was sufficient for its acquisition or by a second junior mortgage if your loan was complementary. By the Hazard Insurance Policy which names you as beneficiary and mortgagee. Properties, both, commercial and residential, are purchased throughout the US. Typically your loan on any property will not exceed 75% loan to value, and in most cases, it is less. HOW TO FUND A SPECIFIC PROPERTY OFFERING Each Private Lender intending to fund the purchase price of a specific Property Offering must deliver to the Company a completed and signed "Private Lender Registration Form" identifying the selected subject property. Process the funding of the transaction as per the requirements of the purchase either to the settling or closing agent’s escrow account or to OCF directly. These items should be delivered to the Company via email, fax, USPS or package delivery service the to following address: Optimized Cash Flow Noble Park, 5353 W. Desert Inn Road Las Vegas, NV 89146 Phone & Fax: 888 756 0666 [email protected] Upon acceptance by the Company, a confirmation of such acceptance will be sent to the subscriber. Deeds of Trust, Notes and Title Insurance documents will be sent to subscribers within two (2) weeks of the COE (close of Escrow) HOW TO SUBSCRIBE NOTES Each Private Lender intending to fund OCF’s Notes must deliver the following items to the Company: a) Funds in the amount of $5,000 multiplied by the number of Notes subscribed for (minimum $5,000),made payable to "OCF"; and b) A completed and signed "Note Funding Agreement ", with the number of Notes desired indicated thereon; and a completed and signed "Private Lender Registration Form". These items should be delivered to the Company via email, fax, USPS or package delivery service the to following address: Optimized Cash Flow Noble Park, 5353 W. Desert Inn Road Las Vegas, NV 89146 Phone & Fax: 888 756 0666 [email protected] Upon acceptance of a subscription by the Company, a confirmation of such acceptance will be sent to the subscriber. Funding docs will be sent to subscribers within two (2) weeks of their acceptance. Interested? Fill out our Private Lender Registration & Pre-Commitment Form and we’ll contact you ASAP or, feel free to contact us direct at (888) 756 0666. We look forward to working with you soon! Faster Information? Contact us now! All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2010 OCF Private Lending. 888 756 0666 Francisco De La Chesnaye, OCF’s principal, possesses more than 35 years experience in real estate, marketing, financing, and credit which makes him a recognized author, expert and authority in his fields. Originally from Mexico he grew up and has lived on and off in the US since 1964. He was educated both in Mexico and the US. He is fluent in English and Spanish and conversant in Italian, and French. Copyright 2010 OCF Private Lending. All Rights Reserved. Article Published On: – Wealth-Building 相关的主题文章: