Prevent or from being a green buddy, you can’t be rough and don’t care (video) aptana studio

Prevent or get rid of the green buddies you can not face rough do not understand the nursing Baoqiang Wang Rong divorce, the topic of heat is still unabated, media opinions vary from all walks of life. One of the most impressive editing is to say that Ma Rong is not willing to take care of the transformation of the Baoqiang Wang, the real thing to say to the editor in mind. Baoqiang Wang Ma Rong wear well, face work done and a rough, yellow, dark spots, wrinkles will occur in the face, who is not willing to see. [Master] men’s skin care skin care tips to teach you the secret to edit this two days after a day and night drama "met Wang Lichuan", Gao Yixiang’s men is not the same, especially handsome Hu type, hormone spillover, was handsome to explode! Minutes to edit it up to lick the screen…… Ha ha…… Well, there are skin problems, in particular, can be targeted to select skin care products, or go to the beauty salon professional institutions nursed back to health, improve. Today, the editor of the daily skin care oh: first, the correct cleaning of the skin, including shaving. Choose gentle and deep cleansing, nourishing and maintenance care effect on facial skin cleansing products (do not recommend the use of ordinary soap, will destroy the surface of the skin), regular deep cleansing, remove excess oil and dirt, promote blood circulation, improve appearance. Shaving often can cause the skin to age prematurely, so the beard does not necessarily have to shave every day, and scraping a particularly thorough, like the male god Gao Yixiang so, leaving some beard and beard, but men are more adequate! (method Xiuhu type next time we will mention, please pay more attention to) Secondly, maintenance work less, moisturizing sunscreen is the basic basis of the men’s maintenance is the replenishment and the sun, also can be done under the mask, and promote blood circulation, deep clean the skin, provide the nutritional effects of sunscreen oh; not to be white or black to prevent but, in order to resist ultraviolet damage to your skin; you can rub sunscreen to sun do black beauty, but this step is essential. Last。 Eating habits and daily life is also very important. Drink plenty of water to add plenty of moisture to the skin; eat more fruits and vegetables, provide nutrients to the skin, spinach, beans, wheat, seaweed, Magnolia, aloe tea can make a human body; do more exercise, to ensure adequate sleep is very important. Single product recommended new PHILPS 7000 series electric shaver S7780 RMB3399 original Comfort Ring patented bead ring skin comfortable, designed for comfort and shaving; cleanser brush and beard Stylers easily total stylist. Clinique CLINIQUE Mens net penetration hydrating toner 200ML $190.00SK-II men to activate skin care essence (Shenxian water) 160ML $1180.00BIOTHERM Biotherm men skin brightening repair Yan cream SPF30+ 30ML $395.00LABSERIES Lang Shi male multifunctional cleanser 100ML $195相关的主题文章: