Ponled opened yesterday in a sign of innovation can earn nearly 150 thousand-winavi

Ponled opened yesterday in a sign of innovation can earn nearly 150 thousand hot column capital flows thousands thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you make you take will always let you find each reporter Wang Yandan A shares market speculation of new shares is eternal a theme. Under the new regulations, due to the ballot after payment, tens of thousands of investors have joined the new army to fight. While the new shares of the market, is also colorful. The new shares listed in August 18th Shanghai ponled innovation (603986, closing price of 171.34 yuan), after the first day of the top grid rose 44%, followed by 17 a word board, finally opened in September 13th. The same day ponled innovation opened 8.57% after shocks, and once turned green, eventually rising to close at 1.22%, the closing price of 171.34 yuan, currently only Kweichow Moutai, became the two city second shares at high prices. If yesterday (September 13th) opened after the closing price to sell, so in a sign of ponled innovation can profit 148 thousand and 80 yuan! According to Huatai Securities rose music wealth statistics show that in June 15th after the issue of new shares, trillion easy innovation in a signed amount can be profitable, ranked first. The amount of profit so amazing, mainly for two reasons: one, as created by the Shanghai stock market shares, in a sign is 1000 shares; two, Zhao Yi innovation listed on the first day or about 44%, followed by 17 a word board, a word number plate amazing. The investment treasure (WeChat public number: mjtzb2) to pay attention to, in a sign of Zhao Yi is not easy innovation, this only from the 0.0335% success rate is not difficult to see. That is the average of the 10 thousand numbers, only 3.35 of the ballot numbers. Charts show, September 13th sold five seats ponled innovation are: business department Huatai Securities Wuxi Liberation Road (sold 98 million 910 thousand yuan), Huatai Securities Shanghai Macao Road business department (sold 74 million 460 thousand yuan), Shanghai Jiangsu Road Business Department of Guotai Junan (sold 71 million 970 thousand yuan), Huatai Securities Shanghai Mudanjiang Road Sales Department to sell 32 million 900 thousand (yuan) and Nanjing Nanjing securities business department of Changle Road (sold 22 million 250 thousand yuan). And buy the first and second seats for the two institutions, the total purchase of $350 million. Since September 13th ponled innovation turnover rate of 63.8%, so the estimation of the day to sell for the ballot profits. If we look at the fundamentals, the current stock price has more than the number of analysts given the target price. Joaquin ponled Securities pointed out that the innovation in the domestic NOR industry is one of the leading manufacturers of Flash, is also the core supplier of integrated circuit memory chip, is the domestic A-share market A memory chip is scarce, given 6 months target price of 148.30 yuan. China Merchants Securities listed on its point of view, taking into account the level of valuation of the company’s industry, the reasonable price of 135~160 yuan. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: