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Photos: you only know the aunt but I do not know she has entertainment news (the Tencent as fair art fair U) black Baiyun Song Dandan and Zhao Benshan played the role of once popular, the aunt had a line once said: "when I was young it is not blowing, willow bending and cherry mouth, who saw me glad to see." Take a look at it, this is the second child to make the whole child shook the young aunt yang! The young Song Dandan Yan, put now can still seckill the small artistes. In the early years of Song Dandan in "I love my family" is also tender to pinch out the water! When the play aired in 1993, 32 year old Song Dandan is still in the peak value of yan. Her acting is absolutely one of the best in China. 32 year old girls play shy have no sense of violation. Now than on the screen will only stare duzui strong girl small artistes too strong. But Song Dandan, but it is often in order to work "spoil" his face. Is a kind of self willed, willing to die for the art of the model. However, it is because she does not care about the image of the performance, in order to make the audience laugh, in order to have a deep impression on the audience, such as the classic image.相关的主题文章: