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Business Philip Stein watches are much more than a nice looking object that tells time. Somehow, someway, they have worked into the manufacturing of Philip Stein men’s and women’s watches the concept that wearing one will actually make you feel better? Believers include Oprah Winfrey, Madonna, Rupert Murdoch and many other regular customers. Philip Stein, the man behind the .pany, has developed two technologies: the electromagnetic frequency and the natural frequency, both which work within key frequency of 7-9 hertz, which according to the official Philip Stein website "en.passes the chief resonant frequency of the natural earth and is a frequency that is harmonious and grounding to life." Although distributed differently both these technologies have the same result: the frequencies emitted from the watch enter the body’s biofield. Your biofield is your "master energy field" that regulates all your bodily functions; both physical and emotional. These frequencies bring the message to your biofield "to relax". When you are relaxed you are less susceptible to stress. Stress is known to do major damage to a person; too much stress will literally kill you, so anything you can do to alleviate this unfortunate part of life is great. So, is it possible that wearing a Philip Stein watch can ground us more; take away some of the daily stress and anxiety? I say, forget therapy, just get one of these watches! There are three collections of Philip Stein men’s’ watches and Philip Stein women’s watches: the Signature, the Modern and the Prestige are their names and within each collection are many styles to choose from, including bracelets and children’s watches. Within the Signature collection is where the bracelets are. Made for men, women and children, the concept is truly interesting. Philip Stein bracelets use the same technology that the watches do; through a teslar chip you receive well-being for your body. Teslar was invented in 1986; it emits a frequency which strengthens the body’s electromagnetic field. At the same time, teslar protects your body against things like cell phones, .puters, iPods – which all emit their own electromagnetic fields, aka "bad vibes." My mother is anti-microwave and says that if you must use one, you have to cover your food and stand away from the microwave when it’s on because of all the bad "waves" it throws out. Same could be said for TV’s. How much TV do you watch? There could very well be something very real to Philip Stein’s teslar theory and by how wearing one of his watches can really make you feel better. We all know that our children are reflections of ourselves: if we are happy, are children are happy, if we are stressed and angry, then they will pick up on that and internalize it. Infants especially may be affected by your emotions and moods as they typically spend more time with the parent than with any other adult. Philip Stein children’s watches and bracelets for babies, as young as three months old, are available too. The Philip Stein bracelets are nice. Silk leather, stainless steel and diamonds? That alone is enough to make you feel good. The one for children is all stainless steel and .es in both a matte and shiny finish Hey, Philip Stein watches for the whole family! What a concept? They should do a study and see how each member is affected by wearing a Philip Stein watch or bracelet and whether or not this brings more harmony into their lives. A little tip given by the .pany is that all watches should be worn on the left hand, at all times, even to bed and in the shower or bath, in order for the body to absorb the full effect. Not a bad idea. Oh and if you happen to be heading to Mexico anytime soon, the one and only Philip Stein "concept store" is opening up in cozy, beautiful Cozumel. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: