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Peugeot 4008: who said that the French would not play science and technology? Auto – Sohu law car in a glorious period in China, has more than 20 years ago, when the Peugeot 505 can be said to be a comprehensive seckill Santana exists, even smuggled in the crown, the momentum will make it three. Now, law models in the first-tier cities has become the most personality, the impression must have only excellent chassis, the two or three line of the city although there are still many user groups, but these gradually rich consumers are facing a big problem — the most popular Peugeot in the SUV market, and no one can occupy 200 thousand level models. Thus, Dongfeng Peugeot will do the long axis of the overseas version of the 3008 into the domestic. This is the wheelbase of the new 2730mm 4008. Although this approach is simple and direct, in some "keyboard cheshen" in the new 4008, even suspected of misappropriating lift. However, from the perspective of the Peugeot market positioning, this will replace the current 4008 of the imported models are not any wrong, not to mention, the new size of the size of the class is indeed between 3008 and 5008 ah. Chinese for good in the end? Play the "special" car factory in China more than one, you know, a doll face special car factory in China will play fast, but sales are among the best all year round. That the market is still very special for the recognition of vehicle. But in other words, the special version of the model can conform to local tastes, more and more abundant space configuration (special vehicle will be adjusted according to the local market), consumers Why not?? Even for models, a new contour design 4008 still maintain a high level, lion eye headlights, taillights and the lion claw waist coquettish, all in the family design language with peugeot. 4008 new interior is also commendable. In the drive of 4008 GT deluxe edition models, piano key design, material selection and Claudia imported oak trim leather seats, so that the vehicle quality have improved to some extent, at the same time, this model can optional leather seats Nappa. In the mountains of France, the engineers on chassis set-up has his own unique insights. Relatives have a just opened nearly 8 years to 307, and from 3-5 times a year between Guangdong and Guangxi, while the rotten road ran numerous, directly scraping chassis met pit also don’t know how many times, but the general sense of the way similar to the carpet, but still impressive. The back is not soft, and harmonic road swing amplitude is few, the ditch ridge crisp, road information is also quite rich, but not because of suspension tuning slightly hard, and destroy the whole ride comfort; even opened 8 years, did not feel loose chassis. You know, this is a torsion beam rear suspension of the car ah. "The last thing I worry about is the 4008 chassis adjustment." Before the test, I made a bet with my colleagues in the car. It turned out that I was right. Come from love.相关的主题文章: